Seize the American spy, watching the UN telegraph Zhou Enlai think such a solution plan

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Seize the American spy, watching the UN telegraph Zhou Enlai think such a solution plan

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In November 1954, the Supreme People's Court of the people's Republic of China held a trial of two American espionage cases, accusing 22 of the 11 Americans, including the criminal. On November 24, the U.S. State Department issued a protest, said in a statement: Donnell and Fecteau is the United States Department of the army in Japan's "civil servants", the United States that their early in 1952 from North Korea flew to Japan a flight of death. How they fall into the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, the United States is not known...... Today's broadcast in Beijing is the first time we have heard that they have been detained by the Communist Party of China.

The State Department's plan is to spy on the spy case through the United Nations. They put the two spy case confused with North Korea, prisoners of war, U. S. Department of defense claimed by Chinese control of 11 Americans "with the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war under the prisoner of war status", "to detain their practice is a violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement." At the same time, on behalf of the United States formally requested the United Nations "take action to make 11 soldiers and all other remained in detention by the United Nations personnel captured for release." Under the control of the United Nations in December 10th, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the proposal of the United states.

When the proposal passed on the afternoon of the same day, the UN Secretary General DAG Hammarskjold bursts of three telegrams to Premier Zhou Enlai, want to Zhou Enlai reply as soon as possible. After reading it, Zhou Enlai instructed Qiao Guanhua redrafted two telegrams, a as said earlier, to explain China's position and asked, DAG Hammarskjold the telegram forwarded except the KMT representatives of other countries attended on behalf of the general assembly of the United Nations. Another telegram just write three sentences, received the do you want Chinese telegraph, we to peace, in order to alleviate the tense international situation, we are ready to in our capital waiting for your Dajia, and you talk about China's peaceful matters. Two, on your call to mention the U.S. spy case, our position has been detailed in the other. Three, when you come to China, we welcome.

In January 5, 1955, Hama Scheer de and his party arrived in Beijing. In the afternoon, Zhou Enlai met with Hama Scheer de in Zhongnanhai. During the talks, Zhou Enlai said that the United States can be allowed to visit the families of criminals in china. Hama Scheer de was very happy about it. From his personal point of view, the result is a worthwhile trip.