Japanese Foreign Minister's visit to Philippines's commitment to help improve the ability of the Philippine Coast Guard

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Japanese Foreign Minister's visit to Philippines's commitment to help improve the ability of the Philippine Coast Guard

2016-08-12 02:30:26 205 ℃

China News Agency, Manila August 11 & nbsp; (reporter Zhang) Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida 11 in the southern Philippine city of Davao said the Japanese government will continue to provide maritime security assistance to the Philippines, to help improve the Philippine Coast Guard maritime capabilities.

Kishida from 10, began to the Philippines for a period of 3 days of the visit, he 11 in Davao visited Philippine President Walter and talks with Philippine foreign minister Yasai. According to official media reports, the Philippines, Kishida commitment, Japan will through the official development assistance (ODA) help the Philippines to enhance maritime law enforcement, 10 patrol boats to the Philippines, which ship by the end of August can arrived in the Philippines.

Philippines and Japan to celebrate the 60 anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Last year, the former president of Philippines, Aquino, Philippines and Japan had signed a joint declaration on strengthening the strategic partnership. Kishida claimed that his current visit to the Philippines for the development of Japanese government and Dutt Stewart government provides an important opportunity, in addition to the maritime issues, Japan also look forward to strengthen development cooperation in the political, economic, infrastructure construction and culture, and the Philippines.

Japan to the Philippines for Philippine development and construction of infrastructure projects total official development assistance has reached a total of $70 billion, the report said.

Philippine foreign minister Yasai said on that day, Philippines thanks to provide large-scale development assistance to the government of japan. He said that look forward to strengthening cooperation with Japan in health, defense, international security, disaster management, etc..

Kishida Fumio also talked about the East China Sea, South China Sea issue with the Philippines executives, and Philippine officials at a joint press conference with each other. Japanese media 11, said the Japanese government to strengthen relations with the new government of Philippines through a series of talks, and hopes to enhance the international public opinion to urge China to accept the results of the so-called South China Sea arbitration case.

Author: Zhang Ming