India to weaken the impact of the patriarchal system for young women to set " daughter's day "

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India to weaken the impact of the patriarchal system for young women to set " daughter's day "

2016-08-12 02:30:27 205 ℃

According to Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported in August 11th, India this week launched a campaign in the social network, called for the young women around the celebration, and in August 11th as India's daughter festival".

From Indian women and children development statement said: "women and children development hope to take this opportunity to, to encourage people to praise the young women in their lives, and also convey a message - cherish the girl."

Indian women and children development minister Maneca Gandhi Maneka Gandhi told the BBC that initiated the "daughter Festival" and "daughter week" activities aimed at reducing India because of gender leads to the question of abortion, for improving the social gender imbalance status, and promote the education of girls.

This network sports appeal to everyone in the social network profile is his granddaughter etc. the young girl with her daughter, daughter-in-law or photo. With #BBBPDaughtersWeek (# "save the girl, let the girl education week" daughter label).

"It's time for these young girls to celebrate. Girls are now more and more outstanding performance, so that they are more confident. We want to pass on the idea that girls should be treasured."

Support for the "daughter Festival" activities, Gandhi posted a photo of himself and the daughter and granddaughter.

At the same time, she also points out why the campaign has stressed the "daughter", "daughter", "granddaughter" these three family roles.

Daughter - "because this is a family who is regarded as a burden, she was not considered as a son, after marriage, she will leave her home."

This is one of the most vulnerable groups...... We're trying to tell people that it's like they're hurting their daughters (the daughter of a family in another family's role as a daughter-in-law)."

Granddaughter - "in many cases, is the mother to let those who have female fetal daughter-in-law to abortion, in order to call the mother to let his granddaughter have the opportunity to be born."

The BBC that part of the Indian women will now become statesmen, scientists, leadership, in the government, private enterprises, large companies have a good performance; and these recently, India is trying to take some legal system measures to protect women's rights and interests, such as the introduction of harsh legal restrictions caused by the sex of the fetus, abortion, dowry custom has also been banned, in marriage abused women can also obtain civil remedies, the death penalty is introduced rape cases. But the impact of the patriarchal system is still deeply rooted in the society of India, the data from the India government also shows that the attitude of women in India society is not friendly.

Heavy male thought in each year thousands of Indian women forced abortion, every day there are at least 22 women because of the dowry and brutally murdered, every 22 minutes have rape case, every 5 minutes occurred accident of a domestic violence.

For decades, the India authorities and social activists have been working to address these challenges.

In January last year, India Prime Minister Modi signed a "save the girl, let the girl by education" policy measures (programme BBBP), in order to solve the problem of sex ratio imbalance in India.

The campaign launched by Gandhi has been seen as a second attempt to weaken the influence of the India's patriarchal system and attract more people to the value of young women.