United States Pakistan iron 47 years did not achieve the designer said the need to transform many obstacles

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United States Pakistan iron 47 years did not achieve the designer said the need to transform many obstacles

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Craig Jogit

Lester Walker

In August 2nd, named "batie" huge monster is tested in Qinhuangdao city of Hebei province. This not long ago still exists in the exhibition on a sand table model so quickly changed for the real time attracted everyone's eye has become the focus.

And will you criticized China bar iron all sorts of when, a message said, Americans Craig Jogit and Leicester, walker had in 1969 first proposed the concept that is similar to the bar of iron ", but at the time, the" iron bar "concept is referred to as the Landliner designers. Beijing News reporter twists and turns, and ultimately linked to the two Landliner once the designer.

Two designers in the media reports are known as the father of the United states". 47 years ago or boy Huo jeeter and Walker now has nearly the oldest, but talking about when the design, the two old people still clearly and logically. But when it comes to put into practice the design, Lester sorry to answer: "this is science fiction like design, we are aware of our design, these countries are in the United States, 47 years we didn't find the investment."

Connection to the city of the monster on the road

This is a design to connect to Washington, New York, Boston, the rapid transport. In addition to manned, it can be directly on the road to a vehicle on the bus are transported up. And the lower left, do not take up the road, you can allow other cars on the highway through.

This design, despite the recent controversy and the Palestinian iron is very like, but this design was born in 1969. At the time of the two American boys Craig Jogit and Lester Walker just graduated from the school of architecture, Yale University.

Jogit said he hopes others call them "mad scientist", although this idea seems today some still "far fetched", "but at that time is to solve new york city expansion, we can think of no other better way".

"Before the design, my mind emerges out of a can be wood loading onto a truck machine appearance", in Huo jeeter's design, the bottom of the landliner can be connected with another car in the car, car lift bracket at the bottom of the landliner. "This car can be in line to pick up passengers, as the aircraft in the air refueling." In this way, the landliner in the way do not have to stop, the car can be a passenger channel into the interior of the landliner.

Is designed not just cars

The car, which was then called the monster, was just the beginning of the two "mad designers".

In 1960s, the United States entered a period of rapid development after World War II, the whole country a thriving scene. But with the rapid expansion of the city and the rapid rise of the population. Based on this background, the United States road traffic at that time entered a period of rapid development. The information of traffic facilities makes people to alleviate urban traffic congestion problem brings more imagination space.

"This is a luxury high speed vehicle, it from the system completely changed the concept of city, Jogit said that if the" Boston - Washington "with city concept into reality, then Landliner will become the only way to solve the problem.

Jogit pointed out that the concept of the belt type city, is the two designers for the future development of the city planning a new idea. On the basis of Landliner, they believe that the development of urban planning should follow the concept of "strip" distribution. The various functional areas of the city to carry out a strip of planning, so that more people travel, you can do the same to counterparts, so you can greatly avoid the traffic congestion caused by the complex network of urban road. And Landliner is the city's ideal transport tool.

47 years of design has not yet become a reality

Although in the past 47 years, two people have to promote the "Landliner" design concept has made a lot of efforts, but unfortunately, this project has not become a reality.

Lester Walker recalls, "Landliner" this is a science fiction like design. They worked with a construction company called "Oxford 7" and participated in many fairs. In their design, the "Landliner" from Atlanta to Boston about one thousand kilometers, through Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and other cities. However, this exciting idea was rejected by President Nixon in 1970, and it was not supported by the majority of the public.

"Landliner" also did not receive a patent, "because in 1969, the design concept or too weird, ahead of even the", Lester Walker said.

Craig Jogit frankly, the Americans interest in public transport has been very limited. When we started this project we are very young, did not find a way to raise funds, but also did not convince the government to support us in scientific research, so this idea has not changed into reality.


Those "wonderful" public transport

Cuba Camel

The peculiar shape, truck head, iron body, 3 carriages of low middle high ends, like Shuangfeng camel. The body length ratio China buses should grow by about 50%, the diesel engine with a huge body, open up he was panting.

British double deck bus

London's red double bus, but also the British National treasure". Public transport to become the city's business card is rare, the red double deck buses are also bearing the memories of the city of London for half a century.


Transformation of many barriers to become a reality"

Beijing News: how do you know the two designers?

Jogit: Lester Walker and I are both graduates of the school of architecture at Yale University in 1968. After graduation, we set up our own studio in Manhattan, New York.

Walker is good at creating things lively and interesting, very able to seize the people's eye. And I have a background in automotive engineering. In our close cooperation, the success of a children's toy store to develop the electronic sound system, also invented a lot of interesting furniture, such as Walker's "super Cube" and my "life raft". The "progressive architects" and "the Wall Street journal" reported our design. Many women are willing to send their children to our store when they are shopping nearby.

Beijing News: how do you put forward the concept of landliner design inspiration come from?

Jogit: landliner's design inspiration comes from a ferry boat. One time, I take a ferry to travel between Staten Island and Manhattan Island, found such a voyage is so happy: you can bask in the sunshine, enjoy a meal easy lunch. I think it would be great to enjoy the trip in this way, that's the first step in the shape of our thoughts. Then, we designed the landliner can be connected with a car, the car can pick up passengers on the route, just as the aircraft refueling in the air. So landliner can pick up the passengers in the car.

Beijing News: in the past 47 years, you are trying to landliner concept into reality?

Jogit: American interest in transportation has been very limited. We design this concept is very young, there is no channel to raise funds, but did not convince the government to support us in scientific research, so this design has not changed into reality. Today, of course, through all the chips and research and development companies, as well as developed computer networks, we only from a technology perspective of the imagination, it is not difficult to achieve.

For 47 years, we have not found the investment, in this sense, the United States is not as China's progress.

Beijing News: why do you think there is no one willing to invest?

Jogit: Despite the design is very good, but the cost of Landliner will be very high, however on the existing highways and need to transform many obstacles to truly become a reality, otherwise any viaduct will become the obstacle for the traffic. Ideally, we should give full consideration to the system before we build a new highway, so that we can make a strict plan.

From another point of view, in countries such as the United States, landliner line often to through a lot in the border areas, which requires long negotiations between the region. These will delay the progress of the project, investors of financial and material resources will be exhausted.

But it must be realized that the construction of landliner requires scientific planning. Priority should be given to those with less road barriers, in the construction, a choice of method is to lay a good landliner track, and then on the basis of the construction of the main road.

Beijing News: Landliner put forward to your career what has changed?

Jogit: Landliner's design has attracted widespread attention, and soon, I was invited to assist in the establishment of the California School of art". These experiences have brought me great spiritual satisfaction, which is a kind of satisfaction that money can't buy. Now, as a professor at the University of California in Losangeles, in the face of hundreds of students in the classroom, I still study, thinking about what the future may become possible.

Edition have written / Beijing News reporter Intern Zhou Jiaqi Cheng Cheng