Foreign media said Japan to the United Nations and China rebuffed a bad relationship

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Foreign media said Japan to the United Nations and China rebuffed a bad relationship

2016-08-12 06:55:13 216 ℃

Caption: This is China Haijian 137 Diaoyu Islands in the contiguous zone of sea cruise scene. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jiansong photo

Reference News Network August 12th reported that the United Nations Security Council, the United Nations Security Council to give up on North Korea launched a ballistic missile launch in August 3rd, the reason is that China does not agree with the statement issued a statement.

Japanese Economic News Network August 11 issue of the journal appeared entitled "Japan's UN diplomacy hit the wall of China," the report said, North Korea launched a missile warhead first fall into Japan's exclusive economic zone, Japan has strengthened their sense of alert, but the lack of cooperation of China is impossible to build on the Korean encircling net, Japan's UN diplomacy into dilemma.

Reported that North Korea 3 emission medium range ballistic missiles "Lu Dong", warhead section into the Akita waters of Japan's exclusive economic zone, this is the first time. The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting, the United States developed a draft statement, and to advance the clear, and strive to get the support of all countries, but in the water under the negotiations, China's attitude, as always, tough.

Reported that one of the reasons against South Korea in July 8th China revenge deployment "Sade" system in South Korea's decision.

Japanese Foreign Ministry officials responding to the Security Council, said "Japan is nonpermanent member of the UN Security Council, can do is very limited, show disappointment.

Reported that another reason for China's opposition to the statement is the South China Sea issue. If Japan's priority in the United Nations diplomacy, and China's good relations with the indispensable. On the other hand, if it is not afraid to carry out friction with China's diplomacy, will sacrifice the United Nations diplomacy. The case is a typical example. Japan's dependence on the United Nations Security Countermeasures to prevent the deterioration of the situation in East Asia, the Japanese government also seems to feel helpless.