India invested $150 billion to expand the army intends to fight the same

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India invested $150 billion to expand the army intends to fight the same

2016-08-12 06:55:33 202 ℃

Show the India Republic Day parade on the T-90 main battle tanks and other equipment (Reuters)

Reference News Network in August 12 reported that, according to Islamabad, "Pakistan times" reported in August 5th, recently, India officially licensed about 200 local private defense business executives to visit the Indian army base.

During the visit, the boss in addition to and grassroots officers and soldiers speak directly and enters the tank cockpit experience outside, stationed in the western Indian city of ahmadnagar Indian army officer held talks take to understand the equipment needs of the army.

Indian Defense Ministry spokesman Nitin Wacanta the Indian government has made the unprecedented decision, the government plans in the next 10 years in the private defense companies assisted input 150 billion dollars for the army of modernization. It is worth noting that the former in March this year, Modi announced $30 billion of weapons and equipment, India manufacturing plan, just over the past 4 months.

Wacanta transparency is the Prime Minister of India Mo Di defense reform measures of part (modi plans will India, the world's largest weapons importer transformation for the defense of independent producer), Indian defense firm arrangements to visit their army base is to implement the military refitted measures important explanation.

It is reported that the Modi Administration for the India army has developed an unprecedented huge upgrade plan. Mo Di firmly believe that the same forces to strengthen cooperation to promote local private defense enterprises to enhance technical capabilities. In addition, each year to create more than 10 million new jobs. Wacanta stressed that the state-owned military enterprises have been unable to successfully solve the problem faced by the army of India, the latter almost every day plagued by Modi.

The article said that failure of state-owned military enterprises lead to nearly $45 billion in the value of the Indian army of weapons and equipment delivered long delays, a move not only drag the Indian army modernization program, a more direct impact on India's defence preparedness, and eventually lead to India for a long time in a highly dependent on the import of arms of the cycle.

Currently, India mainly rely on imports of defense equipment from the United States, Russia and israel. If India's large equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Tata Group, Larsen & Toubro company and Bharat forge, with foreign companies (such as Honeywell International Inc., the French Dassault aircraft manufacturing company) cooperation in the production of high quality national defense equipment, is bound to greatly promote the development of the Indian Army.

The Indian army to the government decision expressed welcome and support, the retired officers Deepak Sinha said, "before we always try to avoid in cooperation with the private defense enterprises, now undoubtedly is a very good sign." But the United States, "defense news" but to the Indians pledge pouring a bucket of cold water, warned the country's private arms dealers don't optimistic view -- in view of the government of India's lengthy purchase examination and approval procedures and slow decision-making process, 10 years after they can get the contract even if the good.

External analysis, said the India army large-scale modernization program is to fight against China and Pakistan in the border of the military presence". India had been in simulation deduction and Pakistan in the border area at the same time a war scene of battles, also hope to take to enhance the Indian army in the chance of winning a future war on two fronts.

While the Indian military high-level is ambitious, but $150 billion can not a decimal, it is almost equivalent to the sum of India in defense spending (Note: India 2016 and 2017 annual military spending $38.7 billion U. S. dollars). If you want to within 10 years achieve such a huge armament modernization goal, India, or a substantial increase in the military, or sharply cut its air force and Navy into no way.

However, in recent years from the ups and downs of the legal system of Rafale fighter procurement case to clusters of Russian made "super king" aircraft carrier has been unable to successfully enter service, has exposed the shortcomings and weaknesses of India's lack of funds, bureaucratic system efficiency is low, not to mention now in contention for the military to prevail in the Indian Navy and air force will take the initiative to "flesh" to the army. But before long, India this "Crazy" expansion plan will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. (author / Li Yanbin)