5 PKK supporters broke into the Geneva Office of the United Nations

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5 PKK supporters broke into the Geneva Office of the United Nations

2016-08-12 12:50:35 191 ℃

[global network comprehensive reported according to RIA Novosti news on August 11, from different parts of Switzerland a lot of PKK supporters demonstrators gathered in front of the gate of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, and trying to break into, Geneva has strengthened security measures in the headquarters of the United Nations.

United Nations Headquarters in front of the square, there are often demonstrations and speeches, but the official Geneva security measures to the highest alert level. Now all the entrances and exits are blocked, in order to protect the security of the United Nations officials, and even Geneva special forces police protection. Building on the first floor windows are iron shutters closed, the entrance is a huge door block. Even the United Nations staff can not enter from the main entrance.

To strengthen security because of the four demonstrators broke into United Nations Headquarters. One of the demonstrators revealed that during the demonstrations four men did not have permission to file, broke into United Nations Headquarters, trying to "talk to the leaders"". The demonstrators said: "we in this free demonstration of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. As is known to all, the attempted coup in Turkey in July 15th. Since then we don't know what the situation is, he was born to be dead. We asked the leaders of Turkey to give a clear statement of what it was like to tell us."

400 demonstrators gathered in the square, according to the demonstrators. He said: "we are not going to leave until we know the situation of the fellow who entered the United Nations Headquarters for nearly an hour."

United Nations headquarters in Geneva, said the demonstrators broke into the headquarters of a total of five demonstrators. Demonstrators in the United Nations security personnel detained after a little resistance, they have no weapons. Now five demonstrators have been transferred to the police in Geneva. (internship compilation: Li Yuan reviewer: Zhai Lu man)