Foreign media: Thailand 8 bomb explosions occurred at least 4 people were killed

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Foreign media: Thailand 8 bomb explosions occurred at least 4 people were killed

2016-08-12 12:52:24 183 ℃

Thailand today, more than the explosion occurred

Beijing, August 12, according to Agence France Presse reported, Thai authorities said from the morning local time on the evening of 11 to 12, and Thailand's famous tourist resort of Hua Hin and southern provinces there were eight bomb explosion, to lead to at least 4 people were killed.

Agence France Presse said, from the evening of 11 to 12 in the morning, in addition to the four explosion occurred in Hua Hin and two explosions occurred on the island of Phuket, 1 in Surat Thani, 1 in South Dong.

Thai military government said the explosion or attempt to create chaos.

According to previous reports, local time at 11, 10 points, the first bomb exploded, no one was injured. Second Thailand women were killed and more than 1 foreign and Thai people were injured in a bomb blast.

According to the local police said, 3 people were seriously injured, including 7 foreigners, including 4 women and 3 men." Thailand women's death is the local fruit vendor.

After the incident, the police in Thailand, the site of the explosion of people and tourists were evacuated, the injured were taken to the local hospital. At present, Thailand police are investigating the motive behind the bombings, and the use of what kind of bomb.

Hua Hin is located in Thailand Prachuap Khiri Khan province is a famous seaside tourist city, attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. The city is located in the south of Bangkok, about 200 kilometers, is the Royal Thailand summer resort, the territory has a number of beautiful beaches, national parks, historical relics park and royal heritage sites.