How to be the Secretary General of the United Nations?

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How to be the Secretary General of the United Nations?

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In the salad days of childhood, we a lot of people, probably once promised too "after growing up to when the high official rhetoric, sometimes, parents will jokingly asked:" are you gonna go when the president or Premier ah? " , at this time, have a great ideal, the little friend is likely to say: "these officials are too small, I want to be when, to be the president of the United nations!" Then, people will laugh, the whole space is full of happy air.

So, how can we become the Secretary General of the United Nations? Let's look at Ban Ki-moon's case. From the beginning of 2007, from the former South Korean diplomat Ban Ki Moon, diligently executed this let him go on the cause of the peak position. At the same time, this also let him comfortably over a congregation handsome "Obama", has become one of the most famous Korean men.

Ban Ki-moon

By the end of this year, Ban Ki-moon's five second year term will expire, therefore, to elect a new secretary general of the United Nations, has become the top priority of the United nations. July 21st, the United Nations Security Council will be 12 candidates for the first round of intention to vote, which is recommended by the various countries of the world leader in the competition, will be the first official to meet the test of the United Nations member states.

The 12 candidates should have what qualities and qualifications, to get the game "large" opportunities?

Want to do the secretary general, these conditions are very important

The United Nations has never had an official written statement about what conditions need to be run by the Secretary General of the United Nations. Therefore, all sectors of the community can only refer to some unofficial claims. For example, the United Nations former Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar and the United Nations University Vice Chancellor ramish. Thakur are put forward their views, the United Nations delegation of some countries and some international organizations also put forward their own standards. Overall, these standards are common in the following points:

(a) being committed to the Charter of the United Nations, in strict accordance with the purposes and principles of the United nations;

(two) have a high capacity for diplomatic and administrative leadership;

(three) a wide range of experience working in the United Nations system;

(four) have a strong ability to communicate, and be good at conflict and conflict with the parties to the dialogue and trust.

In the "shipping warehouse reference" (ID; hycplb), the first criterion of significance is self-evident, the leadership of the United Nations, to comply with the principles and rules of the United Nations, second standards means that candidates must first be a good politician or diplomat, and are eligible for selection of the Secretary General of the United Nations long, third criteria, there are people who want to cut off from the outside of the United Nations system "airborne" secretary general thought, that the United Nations within the work experience is the necessary basis of the Secretary General of the United Nations, fourth standards, from the individual character in the candidate made the request, imagine, if a stubborn while unclubbable man became the world's first international diplomacy will be a mediator, how much more trouble.

The next one will be chosen among them.

So, do we have the possibility of becoming the Secretary General of the United Nations? I am afraid that the answer is very disappointing, the Chinese people is almost impossible to become the Secretary General of the United nations.

First do not worry angry, it's not because the UN discrimination against the Chinese people, on the contrary, it is because of China in the United Nations has special and important position, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China talent is difficult to become UN Secretary General long, at this point, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, and we enjoy the same treatment.

The reason why there is such a permanent member of the Security Council, the secretary general, in fact, because of the care of small countries, and the international equality considerations. Earlier at the UN organizing stage, had proposed the involved in the drafting of the Charter of the United Nations, the United States Senate Edy Stephen, Secretary of the long should not is a national of the five permanent Security Council members, the United States should advocated by the small and medium-sized countries served as Secretary General of the United Nations, and the principle and later accepted by all of the member countries of the United Nations, has become an unwritten rules and traditions.

Throughout the United Nations to date, the secretary general, they are from these countries: Norway, Sweden, Burma, Austria, Peru, Egypt, Garner and South Korea, these countries are not a big country".

However, we need not be discouraged, although the Secretary General of the United Nations may when not on, but the Chinese people never in the United Nations and its affiliated international system absent, served as the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Sha Zukang, Justin Yifu Lin, a former World Bank senior vice president, was as who director general Margaret Chan, these are from China out of "the leader", who is to say in the future you can't do it?

Source: Xinhua, people's network, etc.

Author / Yang Xinyu

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