Taliban, Afghanistan released the Pakistan helicopter crew

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Taliban, Afghanistan released the Pakistan helicopter crew

2016-08-13 20:52:25 182 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Islamabad, August 13 - (reporter Zhang Qi Ji Wei) 13, Pakistan officials confirmed that the day of Taliban, Afghanistan has released a seizure of a Pakistan helicopter all 6 crew members.

The Palestinian National Security Department official told Xinhua News Agency reporters, the day of the six crew first was transferred to near the border with Afghanistan Pakistan northwest Kurram tribal areas of tribal elders, then they arrived in Islamabad, coming up with their family reunion.

According to sources in the Gulm tribal region, the local chiefs had previously held talks with Afghan tribal elders on the release of the crew and agreed on the release of the program.

Local media earlier reported that ba a helicopter on the 4th of this month on a flight to Uzbekistan to overhaul the way mechanical failure, an emergency landing in the near Pakistan's North West Frontier of Logar province, Afghanistan, including a Russian pilot, including 6 crew members were subsequently Afghan Taliban hostage. At that time, there were media reports said that a total of 7 crew members on the helicopter.

Since the incident, for the safety of the rescue crew, the Pakistani government leaders have maintained communication with the relevant parties in afghanistan. The Taliban in Afghanistan would later give the crew of Logar province local tribal elders. (end)