Will be shared with Japan, South Korea, SA de intelligence, U.S. officials responded

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Will be shared with Japan, South Korea, SA de intelligence, U.S. officials responded

2016-08-13 20:52:40 233 ℃

The launch of the interception system

AN/TPY-2 fire control radar of the missile

Original title: America and Japan South Korea shared officer denied "Sade" information received

12, according to Kyodo News Web site reported. Recently, the United States Department of Defense Missile Defense Secretary James Surin 11, during a visit to South Korea to accept local media interviews, for will be deployed in the South Korean military's most sophisticated land-based missile interceptors "Sade" (THAAD) said "which will be used solely for the South Korean defense, not included in the U.S. in global missile defense system", denied the Sade radar information received view shared with Japan.

Earlier South Korean Defense Minister Han Minqiu denied the possibility of sharing information with Japan, but the Ministry of Defense spokesman said it could share with Japan, the two are not a.

South Korea has a point of view that the intelligence will be sent to the U.S. military band radar in the X band to the U.S. military for local defense and other areas of the operational intelligence analysis system, which said that this is not true".

The Chinese government is opposed to the deployment of SA in South Korea, which will form its own surveillance. And Xu Lin denied said there was no intention of surveillance, and expressed a desire to in the next year to implement the water side "of the intercept test dance of" Korean new medium range ballistic missiles.

In regard to the possibility of the deployment of the Japanese in Japan, the possibility of a question, Syria Lin denied that this has not been formally discussed". He said that the deployment of X band radar in Japan, said Japan to give cooperation in the deployment, is an important ally of the Asian region".

Syrian Lin 11, also held talks with U.S. commander in chief Brooks.

Japan tried to deploy Sade system is not groundless, according to the Japanese NHK television reported on the 10th, the Ministry of defense proposed in this year's supplementary budget plan in advance to join and enhance anti missile capability of the budget, and stepping up to explore the deployment of Sade in Japan.

This is not the first time the Japanese came out of this argument, it has a long history of interest in sa. When he put into use in the United States alone a year later, there is a Japanese media broke, the defense ministry is discussed to the United States to buy Saad, but after the Defense Ministry denied. , then in November 23, 2015, the Japanese defense minister Nakatani Shimoto in the United States, said that Japan is discussing the introduction of the United States, "" anti missile system. At that time there are media reports that, although Nakatani Shimoto ambiguous position, but the introduction of the Japanese SA de thing may be basically determined to enter the technical level of operation.

The former days the message is further evidence of Japan to buy Sade system, Japan's NHK television reported on August 10, the Japanese Ministry of defense in order to strengthen the defense force of the missile threat from North Korea, decided to as soon as possible to discuss whether or not the introduction of Sade. In the year of the second supplementary budget case, ahead of the deployment of the GSDF team interceptor missiles, the introduction of supplementary cost policy.

Previously, according to the U. S. defense news, a Lockheed Martin officials revealed, more and more countries decided to buy their company's terminal high altitude area defense system (terminal high altitude area defense, that is commonly known as Sade THAAD. They are planning to sell their missile systems like Poland and Turkey.