Japan intends to transfer two large patrol ships to help strengthen the Philippines to strengthen the South China Sea Patrol

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Japan intends to transfer two large patrol ships to help strengthen the Philippines to strengthen the South China Sea Patrol

2016-08-13 20:52:58 192 ℃

[global network roundup, according to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao news August 13, Japan and the Philippines has to start negotiations, is expected to Japan will from next week on the two large patrolling the coast of the transfer of the ship to the Manila, assisted the Philippine strengthen patrols in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

At present, Philippines has a total of 44 10 meters long patrol ship. Two of Japan's total 8 billion 800 million yuan (about 1 billion 232 million 800 thousand yuan) of the new type of multi-functional fast response ship is 90 meters long, they join the sea will enhance the ability to patrol the waters of Philippines.

Japan's vice minister of foreign affairs, a spokesman for the eagle is in Manila said: "the two governments are introducing two ships, this will is more big ships. The two sides are discussing the details, we need a little time."

Philippine President Walter Thursday in Davao City met with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida, talking about the two patrol boats transfer transaction.

Big eagle is said that the two sides talked about how Japan can assist Philippines to strengthen defense capabilities, especially maritime security defense capabilities.

According to reports, the Japanese in the South China Sea and China is not a dispute, but in the East China Sea in the East China Sea sovereignty dispute. Japan called on China to respect the provisional arbitration tribunal for the South China Sea, the so-called ruling against the sovereignty of the South China Sea, China made a strong attack, warned Japan not to intervene.

In July 12th, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang has made clear that, during the Second World War, Japan had invaded the South China Sea Islands China. After Japan's defeat, China will be recovered. Established after World War II, the international order of the Cairo declaration and the Potsdam proclamation and other international documents have clear provisions, Japan has repeatedly promised to comply with the relevant provisions of the Potsdam proclamation. Japan should respect the international order after the war. Hope that the Japanese side can really form the perspective of Sino Japanese relations and regional peace and stability, reflection in the South China Sea issue incendiary practices, stop meddling and speculation in the South China Sea issue, don't in the wrong road more walk farther.