The United States Democratic Party announced all hackers hit representative mobile phone number

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The United States Democratic Party announced all hackers hit representative mobile phone number

2016-08-13 20:53:02 186 ℃

China Daily, August 13 power (Xin Lian) the United States Democratic Party has been "black". "The smoking gun" famous American news broke the news website reported, on the afternoon of August 12, hackers "guccifer 2.0" in his blog announced the almost all Democratic congressman private phone number and e-mail address, and the comment declared the United States presidential election "Mastermind".

In mid July, Wikileaks announced the Democratic National Committee of nearly 2, 000 internal e-mail, default candidate, manipulation of the media to suppress opponents election shady subsequent exposures. This led to the committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schulz Public opinion is seething with indignation., when he was forced to resign. A few days later, the Hilary campaign team announced that it had been hacked. And claimed to have made these two heavy incidents hacker Guccifer 2 has become the focus of public attention.

After several days of silence, hackers "guccifer 2.0" in a blog posted a Excel spreadsheet, which almost all Democratic congressman's name, phone number and email address and clear, there are hundreds of congressional staff, such as members of the chief of staff, press secretary, legal advisers and schedule dispatcher private contact information has also been released together. In addition, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee commonly used subscription service website account and password is also exposed.

Hacker "Guccifer 2" wrote on the blog, this form to take the LDP's Congressional Campaign Committee, as you can see, I have no time to waste! This is easier than the invasion of the Democratic National committee". He called the U. S. presidential election "a farce behind the scenes", "I want to know the real democratic, equal opportunity, these things we love the United States, what is the reason why. Today, ostentatious gold master in seizing power, they lie again and again, once again to unfulfilled promises. I think people have a right to know what really happened during the election."

The hacker also invited reporters through the social networking site twitter (Twitter) directly to him to ask questions. "Dear friends, if you are interested in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's exclusive news, you can ask for a letter, but I have a lot of information on my hand."

Currently, the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is investigating the incidents of these attacks. Although hackers "guccifer 2.0", a claim from Romania, is a "holding laptop unknown hackers, but the network security investigators believe, this person is a Russian hacker action group members. The purpose of the action group is the president of the United States, and hackers" guccifer 2.0 ", a may play the role of media liaison in the group.