Philippines's president says it's ready to talk to China

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Philippines's president says it's ready to talk to China

2016-08-13 20:53:08 193 ℃

China News Agency, Manila, August 13 - (reporter Zhang Ming) - 12, President of Philippines Duthel Te said that Philippines is preparing to conduct a dialogue with china.

Duthel Te recently officially named Ramos as the special envoy, asking him to help restart bilateral dialogue between Philippines and china. According to the Philippine Star newspaper reports, Dutt Stewart 12 afternoon in a military camp in the southern Philippines Sulu province speaking claims, his ability to Ramos have confidence, I believe Ramos for the Philippines and China formally dialogue to create atmosphere.

Duthel Te also on the stage of the army officers and men said that Philippines is not anxious to go to war, but is anxious to carry out a dialogue.

88 year old Ramos in the period from 1992 to 1998 served as the twelfth president of the Philippines, Philippine is the elder statesman. He said before leaving for Hongkong in August 8th, hoping to help the Philippines in the relationship between the ice breaking, to restore the friendly relations between the two countries.

August 10 to 11, Ramos in Hong Kong with the Foreign Affairs Committee of China's National People's Congress Chairman Fu Ying, South China Sea Institute of Wu Shicun, head of met in a private capacity to explore how to promote in between China and the Philippines peace and cooperation. Ramos said that the Philippines government is willing to work at the right time, with the Chinese government on the issue of common interest and interest in the two sides held formal talks to seek peace and cooperation path.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying 12, said in response to a reporter's question, we note that Ms. Fu Ying, Mr. Wu Shicun and Mr. Ramos as an old friend met in Hongkong, the exchange. We hope that this exchange will help the Philippines and the Philippines to resume dialogue, improve relations.

Hua Chunying 10th in Ramos with China to contact a reporter also said that China and the Philippines are traditional friendly neighbors, the two countries should work together to improve bilateral relations, the resumption of dialogue and cooperation, promote Philippine relations in a healthy and stable development. "China and the Philippines in various forms of contact with an open attitude, welcome to visit China as a special envoy to visit Ramos." (end)