The US Department of defense confirmed IS branch leader in Afghanistan killed in air strikes

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The US Department of defense confirmed IS branch leader in Afghanistan killed in air strikes

2016-08-13 20:53:13 202 ℃

China News Network August 13 (letter Lotus), according to Fox News Network reported on August 12, the U.S. Defense Department official confirmed the same day, extremist organization "Islamic state (CIS) in the leader of Afghanistan and Pakistan regional branch in last month's drowning in the American air strikes.

U. S. Defense Ministry spokesman Gordon Telobridge 12 said July 26, U. S. sent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) located in eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province launched air strikes, killing the "Islamic state leader Hafiz Said Khan. "Khan is believed to be directly involved in the attacks against U. S. and international coalition forces and the leadership of the organization stress in Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar province people."

Tello Bree treatment added, since last summer, "Islamic state in Nangarhar province behave quite active, the terrorist organization will the region used to train and equip militants, to the continuous supply of enemy fighters."

Last year, the State Department announced Hafiz Said Khan as the world's most wanted terrorist fugitives, alleged that Khan is a branch of the "Islamic state" Khorasan "organization leaders. Khan was previously "Pakistani Taliban movement members of terrorist organizations in Pakistan last year, took an oath of allegiance to the Islamic state. Before there were reports that he was killed last year, but the news has not been confirmed.

The Afghan province of Nangarhar has always been all kinds of anti-government militants active provinces. Since the beginning of the year, the Islamic state in the province has become increasingly frequent activities. Kurt A Qin and the neighbouring region is considered to be a hotbed of Islamist militants in eastern Afghanistan.

Over the past few months, the Afghan army of Nangarhar province of the Islamic state militants to wipe out many times. An Afghan security forces stationed in the province in August 11th issued a statement saying that in the past 24 hours they killed 32 people in the area of the Islamic state militants in the A Qin area.

(China Daily)