Philippine President refused to apologize: " he did not admit to me why I apologize! "

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Philippine President refused to apologize: " he did not admit to me why I apologize! "

2016-08-13 20:53:40 240 ℃

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[Philippine President refused to apologize] Xinhua Manila, August 12 (reporter Yang Ke Wang Wen) 12 Philippine President Dutt Stewart said, he scolded the U.S. ambassador in the Philippines, Philip Goldberg, but not to the Goldberg apology. He said that Goldberg did not apologize to him.

"I was upset," said Duthel Te, visiting the south of Philippines on the same day. Why I apologize. He did not admit to me, why should I apologize to him!"

Duthel Te said that during Goldberg's election speech really made him furious. "Why do you say that in the general election? Who did not listen to the angry!"

The United States Embassy in the Philippines 12 issued a statement said, the United States paid attention to the criticism of the Ge dege reports, the criticism of speech is "inappropriate and unacceptable".

In April this year, during the presidential election campaign in Philippines, Goldberg had accused Duthel Te of human rights issues, the two sides followed a continuous sound, intense speech. Goldberg to intervene in the election Duthel Te expressed strong dissatisfaction. In August 5th, Walter again, criticized Goldberg for interfering in the internal affairs of Philippines. August 10th, Duthel Te again criticized Goldberg.

[Global Times special correspondent in Thailand Fu Jia] has always been outspoken president of the Philippines, Dutt Stewart before another shocking words, cursed the outgoing American ambassador in the Philippines Ambassador as a cowardly "cross dresser". Philippines ABS-CBN news website published a video show that Walter 5th visited Cebu a military camp speech accused Goldberg, the Philippine ambassador to the United States to interfere in affairs of the Philippines, ", the US Secretary of State Warren exchange I had with other people well. Goldberg and I have a holiday, the pup is a drag queen."