Britain's oldest literary award announced the first award by the University

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Britain's oldest literary award announced the first award by the University

2016-08-16 22:09:55 184 ℃

Xinhua news agency, Edinburgh, August 15, news (reporter Guo Chunju), Britain's oldest literary award the James Tait Black award on the evening of 15 in the British capital of Scotland Edinburgh announced, Columbia University English and compared literature professor James Shapiro and taught at the University of London, a professional basketball player transition of writer Benjamin Markovic won biography and Fiction Award.

Shapiro, 60 years old, is a famous Shakespeare researcher. His award-winning work "1606: Shakespeare and King Lear in" tells the story of 1606 this year of Shakespeare when the creation of King Lear, Macbeth and Antony and Cleopatra effect.

Maul Covic was born in California in 1973, University of London at Royal Holloway College Professor of creative writing. His award-winning work "you need not so life story is before and after the financial crisis of 2008 American Detroit and Obama's campaign story.

On the same day at the Edinburgh International Book Festival to attend the activities of Shapiro and Mao er Covici published the award-winning speech, and scene in about 300 spectators recite the pieces.

The James Tait Black award by the British publisher black widow to commemorate her husband's love for good books funded the creation, in 1919 to awarded annually, from Edinburgh University Department of English Language & literature professor and graduate student from last year published novels and biographical works nominated finalists.

It is reported that the James Tate Black prize is Britain's oldest literary award, is also the first such award by a university. Award is divided into three awards of biography, fiction and drama, the Drama Awards in 2013 is added, which is due to be released on August 22. At present, the awards are 10 thousand pounds (about 85 thousand and 500 yuan).