Al-qaddafi once disguised incognito, see a doctor not to give the poor medical treatment, he did so.

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Al-qaddafi once disguised incognito, see a doctor not to give the poor medical treatment, he did so.

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In 1942, Al-qaddafi was born in the middle of the Libya desert, Al-qaddafi's family is a traditional sense of the nomadic family family, the whole family rely on rent camels to maintain their livelihood. From Gaddafi is poor people live together, he knew that the people at the bottom is not easy, so he has a deep plot of civilians, 42 years of ruling, for the Libyan people do a lot of things, and never bully a civilian. Gaddafi in politics during that Libya leap to become Africa's richest countries, people's life quality is generally high, now, after the violent overthrow of Gaddafi, Libya in turmoil and poverty, people began to miss Gaddafi.

Former Chinese ambassador to Libya Hou Li Wang when it comes to Gaddafi cited two examples: one time, Gaddafi with an entourage of Sifang street. Al-qaddafi let the attendants dressed as a poor man fell down, they came to a clinic. The poor man dressed as the attendant said to the doctor, his father was seriously ill, can not go out, begged the doctor to come to see a doctor. No matter what the request, the doctor eventually did not agree. Standing on the side of Al-qaddafi very angry, Al-qaddafi think the doctor did not have a different feeling of poor patients, not to stay in Libya. Then the doctor said: "doctor, I want you to do for a dying old man and a lifetime of regret. You have to leave Libya, and it's tonight." That night, the Libya police expelled the doctor.

Another, China Construction Engineering Corporation in Benghazi, a new residential building, the building has just been built, it was a lot of residents in the vicinity of the. Local authorities have no way, had to go to the top of the. Al-qaddafi knew that after receiving the resident representative, and said to them: "you are the host of the country, the house is for you, live under it!" So the crowd shouted, "long live Al-qaddafi!"