CIA agents in the end

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CIA agents in the end

2016-07-22 09:37:50 2211 ℃

CIA headquarters in the hall of a wall, the wall has more than 70 stars, each star represents a die a martyr of intelligence. Which 30 has a name, remaining more than 40 no name, these people are executed of the CIA's most dangerous and secretive of course is a secret mission, the CIA is a very mysterious organization, he unlike the Federal Bureau of investigation of the people go to where will take out a certificate to let you have a look, writing above the FBI.

The CIA is during the cold war the terrorist organization, World War II when the United States, Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack on, President Roosevelt to intelligence agencies are not satisfied with and so on the establishment of the a strategic intelligence agency, until 1947, when the evolution into the Central Intelligence Agency, the stem is what? Assassination, theft, foster foreign authoritarian government and so on, in any case we see in the film basically they are doing, the famous Ben Laden is actually the CIA killed.

The CIA agents during the job done as long as the sensitive thing, after retirement to another identity, even to the whole volume, finally sent to the southern United States farm, or sent to Australia, South Africa and so on, spend their retirement living there, they and a neighbor for farming, drink. Day, we all thought that the new neighbor is a particularly honest man, in fact, the CIA agents are very loyal, they will never say he was a CIA agent, even their husbands or wives do not know, when they reveal their identity is treason, their safety is on the verge of death or destruction.

Once a sensation of the Snowdon of the world is the CIA, but was not an official agent, just a contract workers, the original United States government out of trouble is temporary, back to the pot, Snowden tell the world, the CIA via the Internet to monitor the dignitaries from all over the world. Snowden, of course, committed treason, so he can only go to Russia, never dare to return.

Many CIA agents will go to jail, because they always do a lot of illegal things, if it is to seize the people of other countries, of course, is suicide, if the United States government seized the waiting sentenced to jail, because he can't to the judge that he is a CIA, so the prison closed many CIA agents, but interesting is, the United States Constitution Amendment case requires the president has the power of pardon prisoners, and does not require any reason, so the president of the United States have a tacit understanding, that is, before leaving office to forgive a large number of prisoners, which many are CIA. So now we have a look at the president of the United States and the pardon, I think this person must be the cia.