Surprised! "Boycott KFC" actually received a sincere praise and support in foreign countries!

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Surprised! "Boycott KFC" actually received a sincere praise and support in foreign countries!

2016-07-22 16:01:57 495 ℃

People who "boycott KFC" are now being resisted. They were criticized from the people's daily, such as the central mainstream media to the network of ordinary patriotic Internet users, BBC, CNN such foreign mainstream media have also reported the matter.However, when upright brother read foreign media of sarcasm, but accidentally on the web site of an Indian media found I am surprised the comment!

Originally, the Indian national media, "the times of India" on its website also reported in some parts of China boycott KFC farce, and also cited the past decades by China "nationalism" boycott sentiment and the siege of foreign brands, such as apple hand machine and so on.

However, in this report the following article 332 comments, Indian netizens praise the most comments came as a surprise -- turned out to be called for Indians to boycott foreign goods of Chinese learning, to resist the made in China products...

For example, the following figure to get 84 points like (point of praise is still increasing) the number of Internet users in India Vs Venkataramani wrote:

"We should learn from Chinese patriotism."! (upright brother note: sorry, the pot we "patriotism" back...) and China to do such things should think twice, because if the countries around China, especially by Chinese hurt India -- if began to do so, then the Chinese to bad luck! "

In this period he comments, a netizen from India Subrata Pramanick concurs to:

In fact, to some extent, Trump is like Leting boycott KFC action that network anchor, or WeChat in those who resist the X goods for commercial marketing account...

Hope that the American people do not under the leadership of Trump, with the current Indian, which day shouted "boycott Chinese goods," the slogan.

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