She was 7 years old by her parents to sell hell, 20 men a day service! Ending tear

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She was 7 years old by her parents to sell hell, 20 men a day service! Ending tear

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In Cambodia has a girl, seven year old was mum sold. After wandering in a brothel, from her life in the dark through, every day a dark day, the girl called Chan Sreypov.

Chan Sreypov was not born to be such a fate, before she had a happy family, but in her five years old when the unfortunate thing happened, his father died. Home economic disruption, because no support at home, home of the original property has also been occupied, unarmed mother cannot protect their own property, after their life more and more poor simply can not be guaranteed. Is in the seven year old girl, her mother put her money to sell, she put her daughter sold to others as a slave, hope she can work well. The mother did not know that her daughter is eventually sent to hell, a day of complete darkness.

Because in the girl woke up and found their in a strange place, and this place is the girl's nightmare start, here is the Cambodian capital of a brothel. She had such a small age actually every day here to serve the old man.

In the beginning she doesn't listen to, here the steward of the people is to her fists. Finally, the tie her up and give her irrigation urine, let her be ant bites, and even shock. At last she could not bear to be obedient to their meaning.

So she'll be began to receive the first guest, because the Chan Sreypov age small is also very scared, so she doesn't know what to do, which makes her situation is very dangerous, results really beaten meal, shoving the pepper into her there.

In the next days of pain, she was forced to receive 20 people a day. During those days, she said, she was in bed, and one of the guests went to the other. During that time, her body was numb. She has tried to escape, but time is caught, caught and beaten.

She 11 year old, she is very lucky met a guest, heard what happened to her, send her to the police station, from then on, she finally escaped from the the like hell cage, and lucky met somaly mam, a dedicated to helping people like her such a girl.

Chan Sreypov began to learn sewing and hairdressing skills, but also a few years of study, now 20 years old, she is also a dedicated to help others

She said she would always help as she used to live that way in the darkness, and will always stick to it, his heart during the dark and dirty days will always stay in your memory, it is because of this memory will continue to urge me to help the suffering of the people, to save them from the mire.


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