The real hard man: Sadam chief lawyer face threats do not flinch from start to finish

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The real hard man: Sadam chief lawyer face threats do not flinch from start to finish

2016-07-22 16:16:38 446 ℃

His name is Dulaimi Khalil. He's Sadam's chief counsel. Saddam and he and another layer is the relationship of kinship, his nephew and Saddam's granddaughter love, Saddam married and receive permission. As one of the many lawyers who defended Sadam, he tried his best to defend himself, even though he was threatened. He used to say that it was the belief and the protection of the family that gave him the strength to continue his defense.

At that time, when Dulaimi Khalil arrived at Baghdad Airport, 3 men suddenly threatened him and tried to board the plane, but officials at the airport refused. Not only that, Khalil. Al Dulaimi also received a many death threats, and even send SMS to him said that he would be beheaded; others to send an e-mail to him, said the trial of Saddam Hussein finished, it is necessary to send him to the gallows. But Dulaimi Khalil did not shrink back, he still went to the prison to visit Sadam, and the testimony of witnesses to question the evidence that many witnesses provided by the people, and some are completely fake.

After the Iraqi high tribunal for Saddam Hussein ruled, Saddam was imprisoned, Saddam to write a suicide note, but was refused. Dulaimi went to the prison to see Sadam again. Dulaimi said that after the Iraqi high court to make a sentence for Sadam, but his death sentence still needs to be reviewed by the audit team. The Iraqi Interior Ministry to court sentenced ground to deprive Saddam wrote a suicide note on the right, in fact has violated the current law in Iraq.

Although Dulaimi active in Iraq to adjust the evidence for Sadam defense, but did not change the fact that Sadam was executed. After Saddam Hussein was executed for nearly two months, khalilal Dulaimi said that he would write a book, revealed that Saddam told a large number of his "secret", including Baghdad collapse, he was captured by U. s.forces after and prison life. Dulaimi said the more than and 500 page book could be published in one year, more than and 200 letters, poems and verses written by Sadam, including his 140 meeting with Sadam in prison.

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