In this great event, Hilary and Trump came together, Obama very sad

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In this great event, Hilary and Trump came together, Obama very sad

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In the two term, President Obama will leave office for half a year. But as one of his most important legacy of the TPP agreement, is facing the risk of aborted. Especially in the trump Hillary and the two presidential candidates have clearly expressed their opposition to the TPP and the prospects of the TPP is more precarious.

If TPP eventually abortion, Obama led the United States out of the financial crisis will undoubtedly fade a lot of aura.

TPP has led to concerns

TPP referred to as the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the TPP negotiations began in 2010 March, the negotiation consists of two major categories of content: rules of intellectual property protection and other 12 negotiations participating countries together determine the field; the second is such as the field of certain types of goods import tariff reductions and other bilateral consultations.

October 5, 2015, the trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) has finally made substantial breakthroughs, the United States, Japan and other 10 Pan Pacific countries reached agreement on TPP. The 12 participating countries add up to 40% of the global economy. TPP will reduce or exempt tariffs on nearly 18000 kinds of other commodities. February 4, 2016, TPP12 countries officially signed the agreement.

After reaching agreement on the TPP agreement, Obama commented that the TPP agreement will give American workers the right to equal rights and opportunities, the United States does not allow China and other countries to write the rules of the global economy.

TPP of the above progress, has been an explosive news. TPP is often regarded as an agreement between the United States and Japan to contain China. For example, Knight Island commented, push TPP, this is to ensure that the United States hegemony, curb China challenge.

But the United States and Japan in this regard, the plan is soon to be broken by China and other economies in the fta. According to people's Daily reported that as of June 17, 2015, China has signed a free trade agreement 22, involving 14 countries and regions. Are China and the association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), New Zealand, Singapore, Pakistan, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Iceland, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia Free Trade Agreement, between Mainland China, Hong Kong, China and Macao Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), and Mainland China and China Taiwan cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).

It must also be noted, although the United States, Japan and other 12 countries had reached the TPP agreement, but it does not mean that this protocol has entered into force, countries also need their Congress approved the agreement to operand. Such variables, the United States in the core of the United States took place.

Hilary and Trump "together"

Despite Obama's efforts to promote TPP, but his behavior, almost caused the whole of the United States against.

According to the central broadcasting network reported that at the time was just a Republican Party leader in the party's ballot Trump made clear that the opposition will oppose TPP. This week, Hilary officially became the Democratic presidential candidate, also marks the beginning of the final battle of the U.S. presidential election. Hilary and Trump, whether it can really repeal the TPP, is also one of the important factors to decide who can be elected. Therefore, the two candidates are trying to come up with 200% of the voters intention statement, vowed to destroy TPP.

However, just at the end of the Democratic convention, on Hilary's attitude toward the TPP, once again the voices of contradictions.

29, the Ministry of commerce also quoted South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported that ultimately determine the democratic political program did not refer explicitly opposed to the TPP words, and Hillary Clinton aide said after the election Hillary will again support the TPP. However, Hilary, who is in charge of the office, said: "she is against TPP, this point will not change before and after the election, and the additional consultations on the TPP is not interested in."

For the language the contradiction within the Democratic Party, the British "Financial Times" reported, people doubt, Hillary just follow her husband of "substitution" trick. Former president Bill Clinton (Clinton Bill) in 1992 was strongly opposed to the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), the results came to power after all do everything to ensure that Nafta passed.

Every small series (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that there are a lot of people to persuade Hilary to voters to ensure that her words count. Because, Hilary was once an important promoter of CNN, TPP even inventory of her in 2010 to 2013 served as U.S. Secretary of state during the period, at least 45 times in different occasions to support the trade agreement. She once described TPP as a "gold standard" trade agreement. However, she later opposed TPP, many people suspect that the change in attitude to TPP is just a means to win the election.

At the meeting of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, many supporters of the Democratic Party held slogans against TPP. For them and other people suspected of Hilary, her actions in the TPP will become the main standard to test their personal integrity.

British "Financial Times" said, did not dare to imagine Hilary took office will turn to support TPP. If she tries to do that, she will lose her political capital in a few months, and destroy all the opportunities to build a credible leader.

"Financial Times" commented that, in other words, the current situation of the TPP is dead, it is difficult to make only superficial changes back to life. This will cause a huge blow to the global leadership of the United states.

TPP, the American middle class nightmare

According to the TPP agreement, the relevant countries about 18 thousand kinds of goods tariffs will be gradually reduced or completely abolished in the next period of time. TPP looks beautiful, but not for the middle class in the United States.

February 4th of this year, in the 12 countries signed the TPP the same day, was still competing with Saunders Hilary, the Democratic presidential candidate in the social media, said TPP will cause sustained disaster in the U.S. manufacturing city.

According to Saunders's own report, the U.S. economic research institute research shows that the United States will lose 130 thousand jobs. Because, TPP may urge the United States to move the customer service sector and manufacturing industries overseas, resulting in increased competition in the domestic employment, wage reduction.

Each by Xiao Bian (micro signal: nbdnews) found that last October, Hillary Clinton in an interview with the public broadcasting service (PBS) said, "must create more middle-class jobs, more middle-class culture, let more people have the ability to become the middle class in. Our (Democratic) leadership, strengths, and influence, from the economy we have one that can create good jobs and higher wages."

In the United States, as the social stabilizer of middle-class already can not afford to toss -- a study from the Pew Research Center released late last year, as of the beginning of the year of 2015, the low income and high income population for a total of 121.3 billion, more than 1.208 million middle-class population size, for more than 40 years first appear this kind of circumstance. In 2015 the middle class accounted for only 50% of the total adult population in the United States, far below the 1971 61%.

At a critical moment in the election, Hilary and Trump are not in the TPP, against the hundreds of thousands of voters and their families.

If TPP abortion, what will be the impact? Does Obama have a response?

British "Financial Times" wrote, TPP as the United States "return to Asia" strategy of economic support to sell. However, if TPP died in the hands of the United States, then the end of an era. U.S. allies in Asia will increasingly rely on China to provoke a leadership role in the economic field. The American led "global" (globalism) era will begin to come to an end.

However, the TPP there is a glimmer of life, that is, in Hillary Clinton made landslide election victory, Obama tried to stress "lame duck Congress to quickly the TPP write code. Would Obama do that? I believe there will be an answer soon.

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