The United States has successfully staged a sneak, American human rights is the root of the humanitarian disaster

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The United States has successfully staged a sneak, American human rights is the root of the humanitarian disaster

2016-07-31 22:55:54 287 ℃

Author: China Youth Network commentator

"The" Sa "system as a purely defensive measures, in order to protect the security of South Korea and the Korean people, so that the allies can respond to North Korea's weapons of mass destruction and the threat of ballistic missiles." Facing the international community in South Korea to deploy the question of SA, the U.S. official response. But a little understanding of SA De, it will be found that the need to respond to the Korean Peninsula, SA De. "Ulterior motives, aimed at covering up", the United States and successfully staged a sneak, under the banner of "defend the safety of the Korean people's human rights under the guise, curb the reality of the development between China and Russia. South Korea agreed to the United States deployed SA, is undoubtedly reduced to the United States, the ultimate injury is bound to be South korea.

In history, the so-called concern for the human rights of other countries has never been just a pretext, Sihuo entrainment "relying on human rights to make his country" is the real purpose. American regardless of the Republican administration, and Democratic administrations, forgetting not to the whole world sell the "core values", forget to attack other countries with a stick of human rights.

In order to achieve their own interests, the United States everywhere mischief to fan the flames, even a direct hit, armed intervention, let other countries in turmoil and chaos of war and misery. In the Korean War, the United States and the banner of human rights under the use of all new weapons, in addition to atomic weapons, and even contrary to the nature of the chemical warfare. From 1961 to 1973, the United States in Vietnam were 12 years of war, then French President Charles de Gaulle publicly condemned the "dirty war"; in the Kosovo war, the United States is hit first in the guise of "human rights above sovereignty", naked to launch a war of national sovereignty; in 2003, the United States in Iraq's possession of mass destruction weapons as a pretext to launch a pre emptive war. Not only the United Nations, but also in the outbreak of the war, there are more than and 10 countries, more than and 400 cities, nearly ten million people held the largest anti war demonstrations since the Vietnam war. However, the United States still persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. Britain recently released the Iraq war survey showed that the reasons for the war in Iraq and the United Kingdom is simply a variety of lies, and Iraq has long been in more than 10 years of war ravaged......

Even if it is an ally of the United States, it will be able to see through the u.s.. Philippines's president Duthel Te said at a rally in southern Philippines on July 8th, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries bloodshed and the United States was threatened by terrorist attacks, the root causes of the u.s.. "Washington only to pursue their own interests in Philippines, so Duthel Te in the South China Sea issue to the United States wary.

The United States in the world as human rights "teacher Ye", annual human rights report did not forget to dictate to others, but forgot to America's biggest problem is its own. The most cases of human rights abuses are in the United States. At Guantanamo America did not take prisoners when people see, all kinds of torture torture can be written as a textbook. No unarmed innocent civilians in Iraq and other Middle East countries residual killer, during the period of the Vietnam War, with defoliant poisoned the people of Vietnam, has the vestiges of outstanding...

In the United States, the problem of human rights is equally serious. Obama in July 12th this year in Dallas to attend the five police memorial service, they were a black veterans shot. This is the eleventh time in the case of Obama as president in the case of a mass shooting after trying to appease a city, which is the second time in a month to the emergence of this kind of prejudice and the breeding of killing. The violation of human rights of ethnic minorities, such as blacks, is the root cause of the tragedy of gun cases. The US itself should reflect on its own human rights.

American human rights is the root of the humanitarian disaster. Europe refugee tide wave and wave, Germany and France shots one after another, the guns in the Middle East day and night non-stop, countless bloody facts have proved this point. The United States was upset in the area, with a humanitarian disaster. Today, the United States to draw South Korea arrangement "Sade" system, successfully in between China and South Korea to play a wedge, South Korea tied on the chariots of the United States. To security at the expense of other countries of the pursuit of their safety, tried to put the mess, the East Asia crisis, let the people of East Asian countries into a humanitarian disaster, you will like the proverbial Kazakhstan as, "blow out someone else's lights will burn their own beard." This sentence applies to Korea, the same applies to the United states.

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