The African countries with Chinese bibba iron is hard, half of the railway Chinese, people still Thanksgiving

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The African countries with Chinese bibba iron is hard, half of the railway Chinese, people still Thanksgiving

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The mention of Africa, we often said before a word is third of the world, the majority of the peoples of Africa etc.. This is Chairman Mao's old man's family to the whole world order of the division. The first world refers to the two super powers of the United States and the Soviet Union, the second world refers to Europe and Japan. While the other yafela are referred to as third world. Of course, this can also be seen, the third world countries have long been oppressed, is very poor and backward, especially in Africa is so.

We have a very understanding of the Asian neighbors Pakistan, with the Chinese relationship is very iron. Both the East China Sea and South China Sea sovereignty, Tibetan separatists or Taiwan independence elements that Pakistan firmly support the Chinese government safeguard national territorial integrity and unity. As early as the beginning of the founding of new China, Pakistan took the lead in establishing diplomatic relations with China, but also for the new China to return to the United Nations has made a great contribution.

But China's iron brothers, in addition to Asia's Pakistan, in fact, there is one in Africa, China's annual aid to it is very large, so that the country is more than half of the railway construction in china. He is Tanzania in East Africa.

To tell the truth, this country is very poor, the whole country is not a decent point of industrial enterprises, the basic is mainly agriculture, but also by the day close, so the people's living standard is very low in Tanzania. Every year to accept a large number of international foreign aid, in order to barely guarantee the life of the people.

Tanzania is actually a very short history of the country, was founded in 1961, is composed of two countries in Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the United republic. Prior to this, the history of Tanzania had been Arabs and Persians ruled, thus creating the Islamization of the more obvious. After the opening of the new route, Tanzania has become a colony of Germany and the United kingdom. Independent Tanzania is a standard federal state, the head of state or the queen of england.

After the founding of the nation, China established diplomatic relations with China. Coincided with the United States and the Soviet Union to China's new isolation period, in order to break the blockade, as soon as possible to return to the United Nations, China launched the assistance to Tanzania and Tanzania in Africa is also firmly supports China's return to one of the most important countries in the United Nations. In order to help Tanzania's mineral exports, the Chinese government lasted six years, help Tanzania and Zambia built a tanzan railway, with a total length of about 1860 km, accounting for half of the Tanzania railway mileage.

Of course, the more important point in this country is that the country is in a state of socialism. It can be said that it is a more characteristic of Africa, a socialist country." In a recent 2000 13th Constitutional Amendment redefines the tan political system, confirm the original constitution "socialism" and "self-reliance" principle of representative democracy, independence, human rights, freedom, equality, fraternity, unity. As a matter of fact, the current Tanzania is a truly capitalist country.

In addition, the custom here is staggering. If I went to the Chinese male compatriots, would have applauded the feast for the eyes. It is said that the local people is Haya had a very strange customs, called "Luru lead lover. In order to attract young girl family hayaa attention, often the breast exposed, and this is regarded as a kind of natural beauty. At the same time, this is to obtain the supervision of the father, according to the changes in the breast, parents can find their own daughter is pregnant, if unmarried pregnancy, will be seen as a family misfortune."

Today, in Tanzania, there are many Chinese investors and businessmen, local residents heard China, many of them a thumbs up, they still remember that year give them timely assistance. And other African countries are not the same, Tanzania's political situation is relatively stable, there is no anti government forces, not affected by the chaos of war. A large number of Chinese people and enterprises in Tanzania quietly, for the exchange between the building to make a great contribution to the building.

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