Russia reached a consensus on cooperation, China needs the support of Russia to fly to outer space exploration!

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Russia reached a consensus on cooperation, China needs the support of Russia to fly to outer space exploration!

2016-07-31 22:59:32 313 ℃

Recently, the Russian National Aerospace Group announced that prior to the Putin to China, the government of Russia and China, respectively, signed the agreement on the space development test and related technology to protect property rights. This Agreement for China and Russia in the field of space technology, such as rocket engines and so provide a more solid legal basis. At the same time, it provides a good cooperation premise for China to purchase the RD-180 rocket engine.

He said that Russia think China rocket engine this thing is not only in front of a small, more is an important prerequisite for later more comprehensive cooperation, for example, after heavy rocket design and in the space station, on long space flight and so on.A Russian military sites previously issued reports had said that a recent period of time, Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's deputy prime minister, released the news said that between Russia and China has been the direction of China and Russia provide cooperation intention of the rd-180 rocket engine had a deep conversation, and the views of both sides are relatively close to and between the two countries government is based on the cooperation start negotiations and agreements signed work. Rogozin means that the Russian side also has the idea to be applied in the field of micro electronics components in the field of space.

Although the relationship between Russia and the United States has always been a number of problems, but they continue to sell rocket engines to the United States this will not change, but will not become a troubled relationship between Russia and china. Of course, China in the provision of rocket engines and other aspects of the situation is like this, although there will be some difficulties, but still maintain the status quo.

Russia's a senior school of economics expert Vasily Kashin issued a statement said, at present, China is more urgent need to Russia to provide this rocket engine, because China is now heavy launch vehicle development program. He said: "China now has two points. The first is to Russia to provide this rocket engine used in the construction of China's space station; the second point is, China has also developed the a new plan -" deep space exploration program. The plan is expected to be the future of China will be the autonomous development of the spacecraft to mars. If China wants to achieve this series of space program, it needs a more powerful rocket powered." At least for now, China is still producing a RD-120 rocket engine similar to that of the Soviet era, which is already a relatively backward type in all aspects of the RD-180 rocket engine. Therefore, China from Russia to buy more advanced heavy rocket engine is an imminent thing.