The use of Chinese characters for thousands of years, the Dragon Boat Festival inscription and tried to finished, so people Speechless

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The use of Chinese characters for thousands of years, the Dragon Boat Festival inscription and tried to finished, so people Speechless

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Text / Wang Yifeng

Ancient China's impact on the neighboring countries, the largest of the north. North Korea that piece of land, the history has many countries, according to "historical records" records, the first statehood the locations: North Korea's, Jizi. Jizi is Yin, King Wu of Zhou de Yin, "contrary to the decline of Yin Zhiyun, go Korea, east go North Korea," Kei's Hou "is established, the history said that Gija Joseon.

Thus, the earliest history of North Korea in fact, and the Chinese people do not.

Since then, North Korea has repeatedly been incorporated into the territory of china. Qin extinguishes six countries, a Wei called full went to North Korea set up North Korea's guardian and later by Emperor Wu of Han exterminate, in North Korea set Lelang. Suiti Yang Guang, for Korea to sign the domestic chaos. During the period of Tang Gaozong, had ordered the general Su dingfang syndrome (North Korea of Baekje).

Seoul Palace

Since then, North Korea's fate has always been with the chinese. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, North Korea has been China vassal. North Korea two words, by Zhu Yuanzhang eventually finalized set down.

In 1392, North Korean founder Li Chenggui Lee sent to the overthrow of the Korea Dynasty, Ming worship, request letter of. Zhu Yuanzhang finally finalized, the country to North Korea, the Asahi distinctive meaning.

Ming Shenzong Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea, Shenzong emperor has twice sent troops to Korea, his troops a grain of weapons, the North Korea from the hands of the Japanese save. So the Korean people of Emperor Wanli grateful for specially built newspaper, the altar of sacrifice for him.

Korean Li Su said: "God Emperor in China, has never forgotten the merit." Until the Ming Dynasty was the demise of the Qing Dynasty, the Korean people still remember the Ming Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty and the same robes robes.

Later, the Qing Dynasty officially entered the Chinese, the North Korean dictator elementary, but only under the worship of the Qing dynasty. This relationship has been maintained to worship North Korea was annexed by Japan in 1910.

The Korean king Sejong

During the Anti Japanese War, North Korea is in their power Chinese guerrilla zionist. The provisional government of the Republic of Korea in China was removed from exile, Kim Il-Sung was also in Northeast China to fight guerrilla,

It can be said that the history of North Korea and the history of China is almost running through. Early in the history of Korean history Chinese richard. Later, Joseon period, beginning with their history, however, almost exactly the same China and historical records. The annals of the Joseon Dynasty "(also known as" record of the Yi Dynasty ") in the Chinese written records Li Zhaocong 1392-1863 years more than 500 years of history.

North Korea's ancient written language, has been the use of Chinese characters. Official documents, archives, scenic reputation stone, are Chinese characters. It can be said that the study of Korean history, do not understand the Chinese character is absolutely not.

However, because after all differences between Korean and Chinese, Korean Chinese characters on the expression after all is not perfect. Then, in 1446, the Lee Dynasty King Sejong created the Korean alphabet. But at that time, it was not well implemented. Until the end of World War II, the Korean national consciousness more awakening, and Han Guocai full opening of Korean, and carry out to Chinese policy.

Korean origin

But the DPRK, ROK between real contact too much, even if South Korea Seoul changed the name to Seoul, still can not erase the culture of the traces.

In fact, many festivals in Korea and china. For example, the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is a common festival between the two peoples. North Korea's architecture, clothing, eating habits are almost no different from china. A few years ago, South Korea will Jiangling Dragon Boat Festival inscription, by UNESCO approved. At that time, the media competing to report South Korea to grab the Dragon Boat Festival in China, which is actually a misunderstanding. South Korea's Jiangling Dragon Boat Festival have their own characteristics, the inscription success is a good thing.

However, in recent years, both North Korea and South Korea, national awareness is increasingly strengthened, trying to get rid of the impact of China, South Korea, the capital is a manifestation of the change. However, the two countries can contact too tight, is really not easy to finished.

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