Watch the scene from the | to foreign ministers' meeting of ASEAN defense ministers will provoke speculation failure: the South China Sea

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Watch the scene from the | to foreign ministers' meeting of ASEAN defense ministers will provoke speculation failure: the South China Sea

2016-07-31 23:00:00 261 ℃

"You are lucky," said a senior military commentator in Malaysia. "You have witnessed the ASEAN conference in the South China Sea before and after the case of the South China Sea. ", from to July 5 months the ASEAN defense ministers meeting of ASEAN foreign ministers meeting, the game between ASEAN countries undercurrent is billowy, foreign countries fueled bouts of speculation, breaking the inherent to the rotating presidency of the Laos peace and quiet.

More than a month before the ASEAN defense ministers, Philippines ex parte of Nanhai arbitration results released before the last ASEAN meetings. In defense ministers to the media sealing on the occasion, the Phoenix had an exclusive interview with five ASEAN countries, the Secretary of defense, but to the South China Sea, they answered very cautious. Defense Minister of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries avoided, the Indonesian defense minister Riad Mi Zha said with a smile: "any communication and dialogue, as long as and to promote regional and world peace related, I very much support. "Malaysian defense minister hishamuddin also very politely said:" the relationship between China and ASEAN will continue, more important is that ASEAN will continue to build into a community. "Only we in the interrupted the Philippine defense secretary Voltaire gazmin, he scowled said:" the Chinese side said not to accept the decision of the Permanent Court of arbitration! In this way, there is no supplement! "

More than a month after the ASEAN foreign ministers will be held, the so-called arbitration award has been introduced, the series attracted a large number of foreign reporters to come to an interview, only the Japanese reporters on the accounting for nearly 200 people. Despite including Prime Minister of Laos thongloun, the participating officials repeatedly stressed that the conference should focus areas for cooperation in various fields and ASEAN common vision, including economy, terrorism, cross-border cooperation, and so on, but meeting parenchymal Focus still fall in the South China Sea arbitration, national attitude of arbitration have attracted much attention.

Wang Yi pursued the most difficult

Foreign minister Wang Yi China pursued the most hard, has attracted almost all Chinese and foreign reporters resonate.

Indeed, from a ground plane on the afternoon of the 24th, Wang Yi non-stop expansion a series of intensive bilateral meeting, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Korea and other, the whole nine hours, Wang Yi and removed in the National Conference Center and the hotel conference room, arrived on the first day of will see at least 7 foreign ministers, every meeting between by the Chinese and foreign media Wai visit until 25 more than 1:00 at the end of the day's agenda.

Two days later, Wang in addition to attend the China ASEAN foreign ministers, China, Japan, South Korea and ASEAN + 3 foreign ministers' meeting, the foreign ministers' meeting of the East Asia Summit and ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting of the forum, also met with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida, Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. Secretary of State Warren, the DPRK Foreign Ministry phase Li Yonghao and so on.

Among them, Wang Yi at the end of the meeting with Kishida Fumio, by a Japanese reporter asked: "Kishida Fumio and you talk about the South China Sea issue?" "Wang Yi calmly asked," is there any relationship between the South China Sea and Japan? "The reporter asked rendered speechless.

The statement did not mention arbitration

According to our observations in the last few days in Laos, Japan and the United States, some of the media have been deliberately reported differences between China and asean. Media try to Nanhai problem will become the contradiction between China and the association of South East Asian nations, media reports, the ASEAN countries in addition to the Philippines and Vietnam, in ASEAN regional influence greater Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have advocated: asking China to accept a statement of the arbitration award.

Wang Yi and Phoenix TV reporter Huang Zhiyuan photo

ASEAN 's principle is "consensus", and any member state can veto the bill, not "a minority". Foreign ministers of the ASEAN countries in 24 calendar after three rounds of negotiations, still failed to the joint declaration to reach a consensus, final at the 25th published statement, page 31 article 192 of the file, on South China Sea arbitration without mentioning that involved in the problem are just very briefly elaborate the principle. There is no mention of the specific countries, no implicit message. Public opinion in the United States then the spearhead to Cambodia, said Cambodia stop words on the South China Sea arbitration results mentioned in the statement, there are foreign media strongly in the communique for mystery, strives to be linked with the arbitration case.

25, China and ASEAN in the foreign minister 10+1 also issued a joint statement on the full implementation of the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China sea. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a press conference in the afternoon, stressed 1.5 hours of talks, the 80% meeting of senior officials are discussing cooperation between China and ASEAN, the South China Sea issue is less than 20% of the time. Wang Yi said: "the ASEAN countries, only one country's foreign minister mentioned the so-called arbitration. "

Interestingly, the evening of the Japanese delegation had planned to hold a press conference, the results and so on for more than half an hour, because there are only 2 reporters, the conference was eventually forced to cancel.

The arbitration shall be cool speculation fever"

From the contents of the joint statement of the ASEAN foreign ministers, visible, the vast majority of ASEAN countries actually is not willing to make a choice between the two powers, even such as the Philippines and Vietnam have the United States to act as a protective umbrella. They also do not want lose and China Trade and economic cooperation.

It is understood, ASEAN countries proposed in the "Joint Declaration" join "large-scale reclamation reclamation" to suggest China, but because China last year to stop reclamation. Finally a "massive" has also been removed.

Diplomatic officials from ASEAN countries to us revealed that the foreign ministers conference series, Japan deliberately provoke the South China Sea issue. Unnamed Chinese Foreign Ministry officials said, Wang Yi met with multinational foreign minister atmosphere are quite friendly, not as some foreign media reports like tit for tat, and there are more and more countries support the sovereignty dispute when thing country fair peace negotiation method to solve the problem, in different forms of varying degrees of support for China's position.

Arbitration case on the South China Sea to the South China Sea issue to be re stir in the ASEAN, however, from the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting of the joint declaration, China and the ASEAN 10 + 1 foreign minister will joint declaration on the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea visible, many countries of ASEAN foreign ministers did not result to the Chinese attack, China is regarded as a "victory". In two statement is issued, the United States Secretary of State Warren in 26, held a press conference, said the United States does not on the South China Sea issue choose sides, advocate peaceful diplomatic negotiations to solve the disputes in the South China Sea.

Wang before leaving in Laos, to the Chinese reporter summarizes the results conference, stressed that although there are individual countries to gesticulate, even spoiler, but participating 27 foreign long, most is holding a desire to cooperate and to, describe the conference has always been to maintain the tone of the dialogue and cooperation is successful. He said: "Philippines ex parte so-called arbitration case, more than three years does not solve any problem, not only that relations between the Philippines and fall to the bottom, but also affects the stability of the region, also interferes with the China and ASEAN to implement the Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea and promote the process of consultations" Nanhai code of conduct ", so everyone thinks, should be back to normal... The arbitration shall be speculation fever cooling, the South China Sea area is also in peace, in order to stabilize! "

Editor: Liu Xiaohui (Internship)

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