Zhou view of the Middle East: Yemen, Hu and the former president of the armed forces to establish a presidential commission"

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Zhou view of the Middle East: Yemen, Hu and the former president of the armed forces to establish a presidential commission"

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According to "people's Daily" report, the 27th session of the League of Arab States (LAS) summit on the 25th in the capital, Nouakchott Mauritania held. This is the first time in the Arab League summit held in Arabia National South African sahara. 7 heads of state, 6 heads of government and other representatives of the 22 countries in Arabia attended the meeting. This has been referred to as "hope summit meeting will be scheduled for two days, now shortened to one day, the main topics including regional security, counter-terrorism cooperation, economic and social development, unite the Arab countries, support the Palestinian cause etc..

Islamic state"

According to Xinhua News Agency reported, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on the 25th, decided to extend the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq in term of one year, and is deeply concerned "Islamic country and other extremist groups in Iraq caused by security threats. The resolution says the Islamic state and the armed groups caused a large number of civilian casualties in Iraq, more than 300 million Iraqi civilians displaced, pose a serious threat to the safety, Security Council has expressed deep concern, calling for international community in eliminating the threat of Iraq to be supported. Resolution to extend the term of office of the United Nations Assistance Mission to the United Nations in July 31, 2017, and urges the United Nations Member States to provide donors and support to the aid group.

According to the Russian satellite network reported on July 25, extremist organization "Islamic state (CIS) recently claimed that in Anbar province, Iraq shot down a U.S. military aircraft, and machine personnel were killed. According to reports, when the military is Anbar province at an airbase near mission, the air force base is by Iraq and the United States co management. This news, the U.S. Department of defense under the central command denied, and said there were no any evidence of American military aircraft was shot down.


According to the British "Guardian" 27 reported that a survey shows that over the past 4 years, at least 1 billion pounds worth of weapons from Europe to some Middle Eastern countries, many of which were removed to the territory of Syria. According to the survey, a new weapon delivery route has been formed between the Balkans and Syria and the countries bordering Arabia.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported, July 27, east city in northern Syria qamishli occurred bombings, has resulted in 48 people were killed and 140 wounded, injured, mostly women and children. Extremist organization Islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack. Syria Ministry of foreign affairs 27, sent a letter to the United Nations called on the international community to place in the Syria terror attacks were condemned.

Radio France international on July 28, citing Agence France Presse, Russia in the local time on July 28, said has and the Syrian government in the war-torn city of Aleppo area hand in hand launched a large-scale humanitarian action, civilians and defeated fled the militants to open up a humanitarian corridor. According to reports, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Sergei Shoigu to the Russian media said has been set up a humanitarian corridor, to aid being terrorists hijacked civilian, and intentionally abandon armed militants used. In addition, north of Aleppo and 1 humanitarian corridors for the rebels to use carrying weapons.

Lebanon square, 29, reported that the United States led the latest round of air strikes in Syria led to the northern region of, at least 35 civilian deaths. According to reports, the US led air strikes 28 evening in areas near the northern city of Syria mambi season. Mamby season in Aleppo province is located in the northeast, near the Turkey border, an important strategic position. Since the end of May this year, led by Kurdish armed democracy in Syria army "in the United States led to combat International Federation of Islamic state support. The manby season attack. The Syrian foreign ministry this month 19, sent a letter to the United Nations, accused the United States and France manby season and the surrounding areas of air strikes, killing hundreds of civilians.


According to the "Global Times" reported that Iran, the destruction of the day before the 100 thousand private installation of the "satellite pan" (that is, parabolic satellite antenna). Al Jazeera reported 26, said on Sunday, in Iran quasi military militia Basij commander Nahadi supervision, Tehran 10 million "satellite pot" is destroyed. Nahadi warned that the satellite TV content will cause the morals, have a bad influence on the conservative Iran. He said, most of the satellite channels have deviated from the moral and cultural society, causing divorce, increasing social unrest". Satellite pot into Iran through illegal channels, each about $200. Nahadi said that at present there are 1 million people take the initiative to turn this satellite antenna to the government.

According to the Russian satellite network July 27th news, the Iran constitution Guardian Council spokesman Kadkhodaie Abasali said the Committee designated May 19, 2017 as the next presidential election day. The election will be the western countries on the Iran nuclear issue related to the lifting of the economic sanctions, the first presidential election in Iran.

The report quoted the Iran Student News Agency (ISNA) sources said the spokesman said that the Commission considered the two date - (May) 19 and 26, followed by the choice of an earlier day. According to Xinhua news agency, Iran's Guardian Council announced no presidential election candidates and related information. Iran media said the incumbent President Barack Rouhani will seek re-election.


According to the daily morning news 24 reported that the spread of a message on the social media, BBC trying to find a government in Turkey to deal with the government to deal with the coup criticism of the people interviewed. This message is issued by the producer of the BBC world news.

According to the "Daily News" reported on the 26th, the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Eildlem in an interview with the Wall Street Journal again said that Turkey wants to get more support from the United States in extradition Fathulla Glenn. The Turkish Prime Minister also pointed out that the Gulen manipulation of July 15, occurred in Turkey "attempted coup" is to attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey.

According to the "free newspaper" reported on the 29th, Mormonism has from Turkey withdrew 15 missionaries, the reason is considered to July 15 "attempted coup" injuring 290 deaths and more than 2000 people, they think that Turkey, the current domestic situation is not stable.

According to the "freedom" 29 reported that 17 journalists in Turkey, because of the attempted coup attempt was arrested.

According to the daily morning news "reported on the 30th, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan accused the countries of the European Union and some other western countries, think their assault on July 15, a military junta coup caused casualties have reacted with indifference, but concerned about the coup makers of fate. He said in his speech, these countries are more concerned about the fate of the coup, rather than Turkey's democracy, the lives of Turks and Turkey's future, then these countries are not our alliance."

According to the daily morning news reported on 30, thousands of students can be served in the national army after graduation, recently had to leave the military academy with trauma. Because these students are serving the Glenn terrorist organization senior students and officers fooled. Although their behavior may be out of ignorance, but still give them a serious impact on their studies. This will also have a profound impact on the lives of many young students.

Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi 24 hours daily reported, July 29, Saudi parliament member Dr. al-askar, Abdullah K. in Egypt in a traffic accident died.

According to newspaper reports the Middle East, July 28, Saudi Arabia and Coordination Bureau stepping up to prepare for the upcoming Hajj, through the allocation of administrative management, technology, justice and coordination, the Saudi authorities do all efforts with other departments coordinated, for pilgrims to provide better service.

According to the Middle East reported that in July 27th, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the United Nations expressed the Iran sea of Arabia warships frequently across the sea of protest.

According to the Saudi news agency reported, July 26, held in Maori Tania capital Nouakchott 27th Arab summit, Saudi Foreign Minister Zhu Bayer to carry out the and Djibouti international solidarity, Minister of foreign affairs Mahmoud Harry Yusuf, Kuwait's foreign minister Salman Bach Khalid Hamad Sabbah, United Arab Emirates International Foreign Affairs Minister Anuar Gerges, Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim Jafar meeting.

According to the Saudi news agency reported, July 25, Saudi Arabia on the 27th Arab summit stressed that in the Middle East and other countries in the world have seen the extreme sectarianism and terrorism to the world peace and mankind brought a great threat. Many of the terrorists are trying to claim their own Islam, but in fact, Islam is innocent. Saudi Arabia has called on all countries to strengthen efforts to countries, regions and the world in the fight against terrorism, therefore, Saudi Arabia proposed set up so far so far covers 40 Arab and Islamic countries to combat extremist sectarian and terrorism Islamic military alliance.


According to the Kuwaiti news reports, July 29, Kuwait and the Republic of the Sudan civil aviation authorities talks to the innovation of governance between the two carriers bilateral arrangements, and to increase the cooperation in the field of civil aviation, to achieve maximum flexibility in the operation of air services and improve the economic feasibility of this kind of operation.

According to the Middle East reported that in July 27th, the Kuwait criminal court sentenced, Senator Abdul Hamid Decity to harm the kingdom of Bahrain and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the interests of the charges were sentenced to 06 years imprisonment for 14 months.

According to newspaper reports the Middle East, July 27, Kuwait's deputy foreign minister Khalid Galera stressed that Kuwait on Iran's attitude and the GCC member states remain the same, it is pointed out that Kuwait would and Iran to carry out dialogue on condition that must have the necessary foundation, which the most important is respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, good relations with its neighbors and not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, with several of these, between Kuwait and Iraq to restore dialogue between the two sides.

According to the Saudi news agency reported that in July 26th, the Kuwait Security Council Chairman Marzug Ali Hnim and the Republic of Djibouti President Mohamed Ali Hamad held a formal meeting. The meeting involves strengthening bilateral cooperation and the international and regional issues of common concern.


According to the Bahrain news agency reported, July 29, Bahrain energy minister Abdul Hussein in the office reception members of Parliament Khamis Rimich. Both sides talked about strengthen legislation and law enforcement cooperation and common concern on the issue.

According to newspaper reports the Middle East, July 27, due to Issa Qasim lawyer told the parties to the court due to health reasons unable to attend the hearing, Bahrain's highest criminal court the trial of Issa Qasim and his aides have postponed to August 14, to ensure the participation of accepting money of unknown origin and money laundering defendants can successfully attend the trial.

According to the Middle East reported that in July 26th, the Bahrain government issued an order to combat cyber crime, in an illegal way to incite people to anti state parliamentary mechanisms emotional charges, sentenced to 15 days in prison for a number of suspects.


According to China News Agency reported, the 27th session of the League of Arab States (LAS) summit on the 25th in the capital, Nouakchott Mauritania opening. The meeting for a period of two days, with the hope that the summit as the theme, on issues such as security cooperation and terrorism, etc..


According to China overseas network reported that the Tunisian National Tourism Administration, China's chief representative Karim recently in an interview, said the number of Chinese tourists to Tunisia is fast growth, an increase of nearly two years of 20%. From July this year, the official implementation of the group visa free program, as long as more than 10 Chinese groups of tourists, no visa will be able to come to Tunisia tourism.

According to the africanews website on July 26 reported, the Tunisian people walk on the streets, protest against President essebsi proposed amnesty bill. According to this draft, the person accused of corruption because of corruption can be paid by the payment of fines and compensation in order to get released.


According to Xinhua News Agency reported, Algerian Maghreb and African Affairs Minister Messahel said on the 27th, Algeria and China's bilateral relations in recent years more and more closely, hope China to African countries in their industrialization process to increase participation efforts.

According to Reuters reported in July 27th, Algeria plans to introduce a new economic growth model, the focus is to reform the tax system, to bring more revenue, and reduce dependence on energy exports.


According to Xinhua News Agency reported that 26 Somali security officials confirmed that the Somali capital Muqdisho airport near the day of two bombings, has led to at least 8 people were killed and many others were injured.


According to Xinhua News Agency reported, the Gulf Arab Cooperation Council (GCC) 30, issued a statement condemned the Houthi militants in Yemen and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh alliance established the presidential commission, failure to end the internal conflicts and the restoration of stability of the various international efforts.

The GCC Secretary General Zha Yeni in a statement said that Yemen Jose armed and Saleh alliance established the presidential commission is to the Security Council of the United Nations and the League of Arab States and the organization of Islamic cooperation have done related to Yemen's resolutions and the peace initiative of the Gulf's flagrant violation of. This act will have a devastating impact on the political approach to solving the problem of Yemen and the end of the suffering of the people of Yemen. Zajeni in a statement called on the United Nations Security Council immediately put pressure on Hu and the Saleh alliance to return to the United Nations under the leadership of the peace talks with the government of Yemen. Hu Cypriot armed and Saleh, 28, unilaterally announced the establishment of the presidential commission, to manage the political, economic, military and security affairs of Yemen. According to Jose armed and Saleh's leadership of the National People's Congress signed the relevant agreement, and vice chairman of the committee to implement the rotation system, the ten members of the Committee from both sides of each half. Yemen's president Hardy administration subsequently said that the firm did not recognize the Commission, and announced the withdrawal of peace talks.

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