Why Japan wants to amend the "Peace Constitution", in fact, Japan only want to modify one of them

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Why Japan wants to amend the "Peace Constitution", in fact, Japan only want to modify one of them

2016-07-31 23:02:52 284 ℃

"Peace Constitution" is today the current constitution of Japan, full name "Japan's constitution," Peace Constitution ", just as its name implies is for peace law, but since the promulgation of the" Peace Constitution ", the Japanese right wingers has been trying to break the peace constitution".

Now represented by Shinzo Abe and Taro Aso, the Japanese right-wing forces is constantly clamouring to amend the "Peace Constitution", and they need to modify the content is actually the "Peace Constitution" Article 9.

"Peace Constitution" Article 9 clearly stated: Japanese national based on international peace and maintaining international order, will never give up the power to declare war, the threat of force to settle international disputes, permanently give up national sovereignty to wage war, and in order to achieve this purpose, Japan will not retain its armed forces.

These ninth are summed up in eight words: to give up the war, defense.

And it is because of this protection of the "Ninth", "the Japanese Constitution" was called "the peace constitution".

But in 2012, when Shinzo Abe was re elected as Prime Minister of Japan, he threatened to amend the constitution ", and Abe cabinet Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso is dished out the" learning Nazi, modify the constitution of nonsense, then these right-wing exactly why to amend the "Peace Constitution" Article 9??

A considerable part of the Japanese believe that such a presence for Japan's so-called pride, a sense of national identity is a kind of injury, so there is a kind of psychological power to promote the revision of it.

Taro Aso, have a nickname called "politicians mouth". He also told: "the people I came from a very noble, quality is very poor, this time the speech he said:" Japan changed the constitution should not be carried out in the wild, riots in this ", he cited the example do auxiliary, do circumstantial evidence about is about Nazi Germany fascist thing, how can cite examples of this? The knowledge in his brain is a little bit less.

He dared to say that now the political atmosphere of the Japanese society has to insensitive, to the point of reckless.

Despite the "Peace Constitution" has issued nearly 60 years, but so far, there are still many Japanese politicians have argued that the "Peace Constitution" not Japanese formulation, but by leading American and imposed on Japan body, on this point, once served as Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone said: "Japan must modify the United States gives the pacifist constitution. This is my usual beliefs".

So this "Japanese Constitution", in the end with the United States and what is the relationship?

"Peace Constitution" actually has a very interesting nickname, called "MacArthur constitution", the reason is because of the "Peace Constitution" drafted are American. But this kind of situation, but it is not MacArthur's intention.

1945, in the Allied Occupation of Japan after, as the supreme commander of the Allied Powers of MacArthur, jumped into the 7000 million Japanese national practical significance on the supreme ruler, MacArthur is very clear, his task is not only to the Japanese occupation, and to rebuild this was almost war completely destroyed the country, MacArthur to give Japan the American freedom and democracy, so the development of a postwar Japan's new constitution became the his transformation of Japan's top priority.

Originally Macarthur's plan is to allow the Japanese to develop their own constitution, but his political ideals but suffered a setback, and quickly shattered by the reality.

Japan is so small an island, do not feel at ease development, have nothing to do things, is not stupid???????

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