The gap between rich and poor countries is so big, I want to see

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The gap between rich and poor countries is so big, I want to see

2016-07-31 23:03:24 457 ℃

The richest country in the world

First place: Qatar

According to the International Monetary Fund predicts that by 2016, its per capita GDP will reach 111963 U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world. There are 1 million 690 thousand people in qatar. The main industry is the exploitation and purification of oil. An attempt to overthrow the government in March, but ended in failure.

Second name: Luxemburg

Luxemburg is a respected member of the European Union and the management of the international financial model, with a lot of big powers are the envy of the welfare level. In the city of Luxemburg - there are many organizations in the European Union. In its capital, there are more than 1 thousand investment funds and more than and 200 banks, more than any city in the world. Luxemburg's per capita GDP was $895 million 620 thousand, with a population of 500 thousand.

Third: the United Arab Emirates, Arabia

This must be no stranger to everyone, Dubai is the best pronoun, with skyscrapers and the world's best hotel. Population of 57744, per capita GDP of 8 million 260 thousand US dollars. Major economies are oil, aluminium and cement.

Fourth: Norway

Before the implementation of this year July 22, Breivik two terrorist incidents occurred, Norway is considered to be the highest standard of living in the safest countries. Population of 56920, per capita GDP of 4 million 970 thousand US dollars. The main economic sectors of the state are the exploitation and processing of petroleum and natural gas. Norway is also the largest oil producer in Western Europe and the third largest oil exporter in the world.

Fifth place: Singapore

Singapore South East Asian pearl, with the construction of twenty-first Century, ultra modern business and entertainment center. Tradition and culture in Malaysia, India, China and European countries. Population of 56797, the per capita GDP of 5 million 70 thousand US dollars, the main industrial sector is the chemical industry and electronic industry.

The poorest country in the world

1 Eritrea

Although the country has copper and gold resources, but farmers accounted for 7, 80% are illiterate. Eritrea's per capita income is low, most of the monthly wage in 50 ~ 2000 between the law. The country's per capita GDP is $777.

2 Burundi

Burundi's land area is similar to that of the United States, but it has a population of two times that of Maryland. The country's per capita GDP is $640, only less than 2% of the rural population can use electricity.

3 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country with a per capita GDP of $516.

4 Liberia

Shocking is that 2/3 of the population of this country has a population of only $1 a day. Because of civil strife, the country's per capita GDP is $490.

5 the Democratic Republic of Congo

According to the global finance magazine, the per capita GDP of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire) is only $364.

From the countries of the world's richest and poorest country rankings, Africa is still the world's poorest places, Africa has become the reasons for the world's poorest region, has a deep historical roots, by Western colonial plunder, backward productivity, followed by wars and turmoil does not stop, some countries in Africa is frequently a coup, frequently is the racial divide, the result is live in great extremity, hundreds of thousands of people suffer from the Holocaust, not to talk about economic development.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, this saying is not false, from the ranking of the world's richest and poorest area can be seen that any areas of rapid development of science and technology, its development is bound to fast, any areas of science and technology is backward, its development will be restricted.To achieve rapid development, there must be a stable social and political environment, there is a perfect legal system to protect, or to accelerate the development of the word can only become an empty talk.