Inventory of Russia in recent years encountered bad feelings: fighting nation so as to how to iron fist means

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Inventory of Russia in recent years encountered bad feelings: fighting nation so as to how to iron fist means

2016-07-31 23:03:36 393 ℃

Russia in recent years a little sad day, not just in recent years, after the end of the cold war from Russia as the heir to the Soviet Union, by the special care, Russia is not peaceful, independent Chechen armed expected, Mr Putin strong repression. Good day not long after American financial predators almost destroy the Russian economy, yiboweiping another, Ukraine crisis makes Russia had to take the risk of the referendum in Crimea, next count Russia the bad thoughts.

The war in Chechnya is homeland security crisis encountered in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union's largest, in 90s of last century, the Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation was originally a subordinate country, but because of historical identity and national identity is not consistent with Russia, Chechnya in 1994 from the Russian Ross delusion independence, Russia certainly do not agree, then the first Chechen War the outbreak, after two years of war, Russia and Chechnya signed an agreement to obtain informal Chechen independence, this is certainly not the character of Putin, and in the 1999 outbreak of the second Chechen War, in this war although Russia pay a tragic price at the same time, when the Russian occupation of Chechnya, most of the land, the root this is today the Chechen terrorist activity.

Reason Russia did not in 1996 - 1999 Russia did not of the Chechen armed attack main reason is Russia encountered bigger trouble, that is the Asian financial crisis, many people know 1997 financial crisis the Asian four dragons in the U. predators operating plate, and instantly became a four Asian insect, of course, Malaysia, Australia and other Asian economies has also been a serious economic impact, America's financial giants in Asia the volume of money went to Russia, in a vain attempt to in the Russian manufacturing the same effect, but they wrong know Russia's strongman. Said a simple joke can be seen in Russia in the end how tough, in American financial speculators to buy Russian debt maturity did not repay as scheduled, they to Russia were overdue, while Russia give their answer is: money Russia may temporarily not, to slowly, U. predators of course different, then Russia's reply they had to agree to the: money no, nuclear warheads have some gold or? This is the attitude of Russia in the face of financial crisis.

These finish tidying up the Chechen armed and financial crisis, Kiev, Ukraine intends to joining the EU and Ukraine crisis broke out, Russia said these things and nothing to do with their own, but a discerning eye to kill will not believe. Next, we all know, Crimea public vote to join the Russian, even by the criticism of the western countries, but Russia has been garrison the. Don't you agree there is no way.

Recent NATO play the big, began in the vicinity of Russia to strengthen the military deployment, Russia always not be intimidated, so Russia's natural began in NATO relatively increased military deployment of troops in the area, and calmly said, Russia in the air force and Navy and NATO have difference, but look at the Soviet era tide of iron knew Russian Army how scary.

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