See the world: "porn industry" under the impact of the India in the end is what?

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See the world: "porn industry" under the impact of the India in the end is what?

2016-07-31 23:05:11 1160 ℃

We each time brought the country and will always cause you a lot of buzz, in this moment not to surpass China in Indian society, also filled with a porn industry can has infiltrated into the Indian society, has formed a kind of "industry", for India, this is a headache for the event, but not in the short term get effective solution, then India's "sex industry" development to what extent what, today to see the world, we together have a look full of "sex industry" of India in the end is what

I believe that in the last year, a lot of people see this news, Indian officials decided to block the domestic service of porn sites. The reason for this is that in order to prevent social problems, as well as to protect not adult growth. However, a dramatic scene occurred, due to a large number of people in India's opposition and protests, India had announced the lifting of the ban, from this aspect, we can see that in India to combat "sex industry" in the end how difficult

The sex industry in India"

A city in India, especially in Mumbai, as early as before, there are a large number of dance, dance, I believe many people have heard of, once in Mumbai, dance and even can be said to be the symbol of the city of Mumbai City, was nearly more than and 700 dance, the derivative of the supporting industry also has considerable a large scale, and then dance related practitioners have hundreds of thousands of people, every night, these over the city's dance gradually boiling up, the influx of a large number of customers, watch the dancers perform, of course many performances full of pornography, in this group of customers, to the general public and tourists to officials, including a large number of minors, a lot of bad transactions also will be reached, then in India under pressure, a large number of dance was banned, most of them are closed, but they "Is still active in bars and other places.

Compared to the dance, more let a lot of people feel, is a large number of children were involved in this industry, in the society of India, a large number of homeless children, and children, and many of these children to only tens of dollars, they betray themselves, in fact, a lot of people should know that in India many tourist city, this phenomenon is the existence of a large number, even there are many Westerners just because of this and came to India, because in some extent, it has gradually formed a potential industry, India investigators said: "many foreign tourists only need to place an order in the website in advance to the later can be quick find"

Why is the sex industry in India so big?

Every country has different national conditions, as well as India, there are many reasons for this situation, as everyone knows, in India, the software industry is relatively strong, according to previous data, the number of broadband users in India in 140 million, although compared to population is not too high, but the count is compared popular, and this is so let spread pornographic content more widely, at the same time in the India tribe is the existence of a large number, the difference is relatively large, many poor people have to go on this road, in India, and on the one hand, the development of the film industry is facing all kinds of challenges of the new era, and in the early, India film also had a brilliant period, then the India film industry suffered in Waterloo, many manufacturers in order to develop, also began to gradually turn to pornography, in Today, many of these films are not only not banned, and even more and more hot

Actually in India, such "sex industry" is not legitimate, because India has a clear legal provisions, constitute a crime, on the top of the punishment is quite severe. But there are still a lot of people to take risks, India wants to change this situation, in the short term is also facing enormous difficulties, but now more and more young people access to this, also makes India in this regard have to attach importance to, although in India is always excluded from this, but I have to say. It is now being accepted by more and more young people

Here, certainly a lot of people will say, our home is not where to go, fifty paces laughing. Indeed, in the face of such a situation, I think the cause is absolutely not social problems, after all, there are so many years, though much harm to society, but we cannot sure that its existence has no a little meaning, which involves not only on social problems, including the existence of human own desire for involving minors we must resolutely fight against, and in this way, we can not be done overnight, need to expose in many aspects to seek the real solution

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