Rio again: following the robbery was disorderly Australian athletes, athletes were stealing reproduction!

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Rio again: following the robbery was disorderly Australian athletes, athletes were stealing reproduction!

2016-07-31 23:05:20 295 ℃

Back in a month ago, there are media reports: Australian athletes in the seaside cycling kidnapped by gunmen in the robbery. On the same day in a Rio slum with civilians in the two gangsters bankruptsrobbers hit died on the spot, this report, so that the outside world to the Rio Olympics security expressed concern, but in the face of this situation, Rio mayor said in during the Olympic Games will have 8, 000 police is responsible for the Rio Olympics security issues.

Time in the past more than a month, with the Olympics approaching, more and more athletes and teams into Rio, check in the Olympic Village, but before the exciting but some security problems did not seem to any improvement, the athletes being stealing time from happening again, according to reports, more than athletes in Rio being robbery, including athletes from countries such as China and New Zealand. For Rio's security and stability work has been questioned and worried again.

According to the Chinese consular services network news, Brazil's recent robbery frequent cases, more than included Chinese athletes, members of the delegation and media staff, visitors, including Chinese citizens theft, armed robbery. In this regard, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Brazil to remind the Chinese citizens to raise safety awareness of Chinese citizens in Brazil, to strengthen security. The Consular Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs and China in Brazil embassies and consulates, said to avoid slums and secluded place, avoid alone; try to the backpack should not, do not wear jewelry watches, walk not to use cell phones; alert the abnormal situation, found a stranger or groups vagrant trailing approximation should be as close as possible to the population concentration area or in stores and other public places to take shelter. In case of robbery, should remain calm, not robbers arguing or physical altercations with, to ensure its security under the premise of try to remember the robbers characteristics to confirm no security threat immediately after the alarm for help. If the passport was robbery, should alarm as soon as possible and Chinese Embassy in Brazil to contact.

Patrol is all in Chinese 110m hurdler Shi Dongpeng in the July 27, micro Bo said their micro Bo, suspend update, the reason is the computer lost, which in the end is how to return a responsibility, to participate in the Olympic Games how can lost my computer, the understanding to know, Shi Dongpeng arrived in Rio and a media friends to stay the hotel front desk check-in formalities have been premeditated, routines, an actor with the "fishing theft", his luggage was switching to carry valuables lost, let Shi Dongpeng and friends angry, they to the local police for help, kicked the ball, patrol said to go to the police station and report it. Local time 2 am, Shi Dongpeng came to the police station, but did not expect the police to save the head, the need to queue up for the report. Until 4 in the morning, the police before the official acceptance of the completion of this is a deliberate, there are routines, there are actors with the fishing theft case". Until now, the missing items have not been recovered.

And according to British media reports, the early morning local time on July 25, the New Zealand Jiu Jitsu players Jason and Lee in Rio was kidnapped by the local police, and forced from several ATM machine out about $600 (about 4000 yuan) in cash to give them. The same day, there are reports that Rio's police also robbed! Local time in July 25th, a temporary sent to the city center in the city of police officers on patrol in the attack, the two men attacked police officers stole his cell phone and pistol.

The stolen time is not due to the opening of the Olympic Games approaching, there has happened. In fact before this has been the occurrence of these time, in December last year, British athletes in the Olympic village near the robbery; in April this year, the Rio Olympics will fencing test match and Epee World Cup Grand Prix, participated in the test after the game, China has two players found a credit card stolen brush, has been reported to the police; in May this year, the Spanish players by gunmen looted; June, Australian athlete at the seaside is stolen bike... Just Rio official response and commitment will strengthen security forces to maintain a better order and ensure the safety, but a long time past, stealing time not only did not stop, but there are more people to theft, robbery, something more, which makes the outside world more worried about the safe problem of the Rio Olympic Games, began to question the Rio Olympics really ready??