Inter country "true friendship": "the old friend of the Chinese people" of the Americas

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Inter country "true friendship": "the old friend of the Chinese people" of the Americas

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"Old friends of the Chinese people"Is a unique formal diplomatic term" honorary title "of the new China, which is used to praise foreign people who have made close contacts with China. According to statistics, so far there are about more than and 600 foreigners who won the honorary title. Below this ghost people on the selection of some of the famous people, the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific four articles, to introduce you to.


Ma Haide (George Heidem):Lebanese american. 1933, came to Shanghai, china. In February 1937, joined the Communist Party of china. Later became the first foreign citizens of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China, the Ministry of health.

Anna Luis Strong:Famous American Progressive women journalists and writers. She visited China 5 times, and was officially settled in China at the age of 72. March 29, 1970 died in Beijing at the age of 85.

Agnes Summertle:The famous American journalist and writer of progress, is the first of the Eight Route Army Army Foreign journalists. In 1949, Smedley was persecuted by the Mccarthy campaign, in exile in england. In May 6, 1950, died in london.

Edgar Snow:The progress of famous American journalists and writers, is the first reporter to interview the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region. After the founding of new China, the three visit to China, the communication between China and the United States has made a great contribution to the normalization. In February 15, 1972, died in Geneva. Part of the ashes of snow in accordance with their wishes, and was buried in lakeside of Peking University.

U.S. troops stationed in Yanan observation group: in the late period of the war of resistance against Japan, the United States stationed in Yanan military observation group. A total of nineteen members, the main members for Bao Ruide, Xie Weisi, Lu Deng and so on.

Joseph Stilwell: the famous military strategist, has served as chief of staff of the China theater, China Burma India Theater commander in chief, allied command South East Asia deputy commander, the Chinese Embassy in the Indian army commander, the distribution of material aid to China and the United States responsible for duties. Has attacked the national government corruption, the Communist Party of China to provide military assistance to the army.

Claire Lee Chennault and the Flying Tigers: Claire Lee Chennault, the United States Army Air Corps lieutenant general, served as aid to China and the United States volunteer team ("Flying Tigers") commander, for the Anti Japanese war made great contributions, the "Flying Tiger general," said.

Leighton StuartAmerican missionaries, diplomats, educator, former president of Yanjing University, former US ambassador to china. August 1949 to leave China, Chairman Mao specifically for this article, "farewell, Leighton Stuart.". In September 19, 1962, died in washington.

Ted StevensA member of the American Flying Tigers during the war of resistance against Japan. The tenure of nearly forty years, is the longest serving Republican senator in the post World War ii. August 9, 2010, due to the plane crash.

Henry Alfred Kissinger: German Jewish Americans, American statesman, diplomat, known as one of the only two "world-class strategist". Former U.S. national security adviser, Secretary of state. July 1971 and October, Henry Kissinger once two secret visit to China, Sino US relations normalization and of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries made incomparable contributions.

Cyrus Roberts Vance: American politician, diplomat, former Secretary of state and Secretary of the army. In his secretary of state, the formal establishment of diplomatic relations with china. In March 1987, he and Kissinger together to set up a "China Association", and CO chairman. In January 12, 2002, died in New York.

Little Alexander Meigs Haig: American soldier, politician, who served as Nixon's visit to China's advance team leader, the White House Office of the director and the Secretary of state, called "the 37th semi presidential". After retiring from political life and became the host of TV program "the world business review", or America online, CompuServe, MGM, Interneuron company board of directors will members. February 20, 2010, died of illness.

Richard NixonAmerican politician, former vice president, President, is the first U.S. president to visit the new china. With the end of the Vietnam War, signed anti missile agreement, to achieve normalization of Sino American relations and so on outstanding achievements, but because of Watergate resigned. April 22, 1994, died from a stroke.

Gerald FordAmerican statesman, was the first president to be elected. December 1, 1975 to 5, Ford's visit to China, is the second U.S. president to visit the new china. In December 26, 2006, the 92 year old Ford died, America has died in the longevity of the president.

James Earl CarterAmerican statesman and President, to complete the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United states. Carter after leaving office is still engaged in a variety of political and charitable activities, the United States is the most successful retired president.

George Herbert Walker BushAmerican politician, President Bush, also known as "". Has served as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, witnessed the new China to restore the legitimate seat of the United nations. 1974, served as director of the Liaison Office of the United States in Beijing, to make a positive contribution to the development of Sino US relations.

Bill ClintonAmerican lawyer, politician, member of the Democratic Party of the United states. Former Arkansas governor and chairman of the joint meeting of the National Governors, UN special envoy for Haiti, the Clinton Foundation will be the president, the president of the United States.

George Walker BushFormer president of the United States, also known as "George W. Bush"". From 1995 to 2000, served as governor of the state of Texas. From 2001 to 2009, served as president of the United states. The incident occurred within the 9 11 incident, the Afghan war, the Iraq war and so on major events.


Wen Wen wen:Canadian missionary, who served as a liaison between the U.S. military and the Communist party. Life and actively promote the new China in the western world, is the first to get the old friend of the Chinese people, the title of foreign people. In November 27, 1993, Endicott died, some ashes at the Dadu River in accordance with the will.


Fidel Alejandro Castro RuthThe supreme leader, revolutionary, statesman, thinker, strategist, one of the main leaders of the international socialist movement.


Julio Cesar Tulvai AyalaColumbia politician and former president.


Luis Echeverria AlvarezFormer president of Mexico. During his tenure, the establishment of diplomatic relations with the new China, the first visit to China in addition to the Latin American president.


Jose SarneyFormer president of Brazil, speaker of the senate. During his visit to China several times, to promote the development of relations between China and Brazil.

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