Chinese female tourists to make a big fuss at Losangeles Airport was arrested

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Chinese female tourists to make a big fuss at Losangeles Airport was arrested

2016-08-01 00:25:07 566 ℃

And shame!

July 28, time in the middle of the night, a 44 year old Chinese female tourists Liangqi (Liang, Qi, transliteration), in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Tom Bradley International Airlines Xiamen duty-free shops freak, slapped a female clerk twice. The store staff will immediately subdued Liang Qi, the police arrived after she was arrested on the spot, has now been sent to the city of Los Angeles police guards so assault charges held.

The arrogance of the airport duty-free strike violently!

Airport police office of public affairs Pedregon Rob said that the incident was caused by a dispute between the guests and the staff, on the specific causes of the dispute will be determined by the judge. It was playing the victim, the Chinese female tourists slapped her face two times.

Police said the beating of Liang Qi, from China, passport display birthday is November 15, 1972.

According to the scene photos, trouble woman wearing a green striped jacket, black trousers, wearing slippers, after the incident by the police handcuffed and taken away.

At the airport duty-free shop work Miss Chen said she heard the evening colleagues referred to the matter, the case is still under investigation, was playing staff is Chinese, 29, did not go to work, it is estimated that frightened. Although it is not clear why, but a word is not a slap in the face is too rude. She has been working in the duty-free shop for a few years, and has never encountered such rude guests. Guests such as the staff can not complain, there is no reason to directly hit.

Spread to other people caused more than one hour of flight delays

This incident led to the evening from Shanghai to Losangeles, China Eastern Airlines, and more than 300 passengers on the flight delays of more than one hour, scheduled to take off at 29 am, the last delay until 2 am 07 minutes before take-off. Liang Qi's father also because at the airport waiting for her daughter was put out, but failed to board the plane left Losangeles..

Strict handling of the impact of future immigration in the United States

American lawyer, said the police to threaten the safety of aircraft and things would be more sensitive, airport duty-free shops near the exit of local, so the Downtown Airport Leung slapped may will be dealt with strictly.

Passengers if damage to others, the punishment to according to the victim of injury, if not serious, belonging to a misdemeanor, and if there is no criminal record, will be fined 1000 yuan, if the victim need medical expenses and mental damages, resulting in additional costs.

In addition, because the incident occurred at the airport and close to the aircraft departure time, leading to delays in flight so one hour, if the immigration know this, will affect her entry.

Black list of trouble makers fear of leaving a record of civilization!

The blacklist number has 19 people, these uncivilized behavior of tourists throughout, uncivilized behavior took place in foreign countries caused by social influence, within two years will be in China Customs, police, bank left uncivilized record.

Los Angeles airport staff Miss Huang said Leung the Chinese tourists is arrogant to the United States acts made her feel very ashamed, perhaps duty-free shop staff attitude is not good, but the beat is too rough, but this is the United States, even if the customer is God, the staff also have their human rights, this uncivilized tourists should be on the blacklist.

Now more and more people go abroad, I hope everyone can comply with the code of civilization, to jointly safeguard the international image of china!