China delegation repeated robbery my Embassy in Brazil a killer

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China delegation repeated robbery my Embassy in Brazil a killer

2016-08-01 00:26:42 454 ℃

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Beijing time at 7 in the morning on August 6th, the Rio Olympics will open the curtain. From Rio Olympic Games opening only a week left, China Olympic delegation, media reporters, volunteers and a number of Chinese tourists pour. But for them, the security problem is the first thing they need to pay attention to in Rio during.

Recently, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has many Chinese citizens in the local stolen rob event, including the delegation of Chinese athletes, with the Chinese Olympic related personnel and visitors, Chinese citizens of the relevant documents, personal property was robbed, personal safety threatened.

The famous Shi Dongpeng hurdle computer stolen

It is understood that Shi Dongpeng will encounter in the Rio stolen. Shi Dongpeng certified micro-blog 27, micro-blog issued a notice to micro-blog fans their own public number suspended, because the computer lost".

The Shi Dongpeng micro-blog.

This microblogging provides links are introduced in detail Shi Dongpeng stolen: 25 on the evening local time, Shi Dongpeng and a media person together arrived in Rio de Janeiro, 10:30 at night, two people came in front of the hotel check-in. The hotel reception rush fatigued by a long journey, Shi Dongpeng and friends are tired. At this time, suddenly a burly chap rushed to a vomit spit into the body of Shi Dongpeng.

Was somehow vomit a suit, Shi Dongpeng hurriedly to the lobby restroom cleaning vomit, and friends in the media is out of the hotel looking for the bruiser. After 1 minute, when two people back to the hotel lobby, media people put in near the front desk baggage one missing, and this piece of luggage with precious camera equipment.

China 4 anti doping officials robbed belongings robbed the Rio passport

In the follow Shi Dongpeng together of a Chinese journalist photographic equipment in the hotel was stolen from the China Anti Doping officials in Rio was the street robbery, four staff members of the passport and property all being snatched away.

Learned from the China Anti Doping Agency, was robbed of the Anti Doping center sent to follow the Chinese delegation provide guarantee of four officials, their work is participating in the Olympics monitor the athlete's physical condition, collecting some samples to monitor.

Anti Doping center staff said that the four staff members are out to eat, walking in the street, they were armed robbery. 4 people, in addition to a person without any belongings and backpack, and the rest of the 3 men's watches and wallets have been looted, the passport has been taken away. At present, the four staff members have been reported to the Chinese Embassy and the local police.

Chinese Embassy and consulate in Brazil issued a security reminder

Rio many robbery incident occurred during the day, sometimes the thieves will use tricks to attract or victims scattered attention, looking for a chance to start on the victim.

In this regard, the Chinese Embassy in Brazil has repeatedly issued security alerts. Songyang, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Rio de Janeiro said: Chinese ambassador to Brazil embassy or consulate has started leading insurance linkage mechanism; consulate has issued a large number of Chinese consular protection information and Chinese version of safety guidelines, suggesting that Chinese citizens to come to Rio should advance understanding of the relevant information, in Rio de Janeiro International Machine International arrived at the port will set up a station to greet, let Chinese citizens arrived in Rio was immediately available to local security related information.

Songyang remind all in Rio and Chinese citizens will soon come to Rio: personal safety is the first priority, to Brazil to do as the Romans do, at night to avoid going out action, do not wear too gorgeous, do not carry too much money and expensive equipment, in the way don't toyed with cell phones and digital cameras, also want to pay attention to the personal credit card security problems.

The Ministry of foreign affairs to remind people to strengthen security in Brazil

Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Brazil to remind the Chinese citizens of Brazil to improve safety awareness, pay attention to strengthen security. Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Brazil to remind the consulate:

Go to Brazil China citizens to avoid traveling to the slums and secluded place, avoid alone;

Don't try to backpack, do not wear jewelry watches, do not use the mobile phone when walking;

The abnormal situation remain vigilant and found a stranger or groups vagrant trailing approximation should be as close as possible to the population concentration area or in stores and other public places to take shelter;

In case of robbery, should remain calm, not robbers arguing or physical altercations with, to ensure its security under the premise of try to remember the robbers characteristics to confirm no security threat immediately after the alarm for help;

If the passport was robbery, should alarm as soon as possible and Chinese Embassy in Brazil to contact.

Brazil alarm call: 190

Medical emergency telephone: 192

China's embassy in Brazil collar phone: +55-61-999816188

Chinese Consulate General in St Paul received phone: +55-11-996589618

Chinese Consulate General in Rio De Janeiro received phone: +55-21-987625124

Chinese Consulate General in Recife received phone: +55-81-973458118

Ministry of foreign affairs, global consular protection and services emergency call center telephone: 0086-10-12308 or 0086-10-59913991

The Ministry of public security sent temporary police liaison officer to join the Consulate

In order to ensure the safety of citizens China, the Ministry of public security China appointed temporary police liaison officer also joined the consulate. This is the first time China sent a police liaison officer to Brazil, the purpose is to strengthen ties with the police at all levels, including the Brazil federal police, to provide assistance to the police in Brazil to deal with cases involving Chinese citizens.

Chinese Embassy in Rio de Janeiro temporary police contact, Shao Wei Min introduction, to Brazil will strengthen the contact with the Brazilian federal police, the Rio state police police, clarify our position and demands and our responsibilities. "We will in case contact during the first time with the local police, according to the nature of the case and the jurisdiction of the Department of the contact, higher quality to run the case, service to our citizens".

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