A successful counter attack, Trump = winner in life?

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A successful counter attack, Trump = winner in life?

2016-08-02 01:02:44 263 ℃

This is a very interesting person and story!

Guys, can you tell he is crying or laughing?

This year, it is best to see a drama probably is the American presidential election, plot has been ups and downs, let a person continue to surprise.

When pulling the trump to Gao Yan wife value to help out the scene played the most beautiful "first lady" under the banner, Clinton also immediately sent former president husband platform, let people feel to choose a president of the United States, gave a former president is double insurance strategy.

U.S. President Barack Obama also appeared to endorse Hilary, but... How do you feel strange?

Courtesy to guest cliches, two people were up in!

Trump: I'm going to be a game genie to collect (Sheila) you!

Should know! A year ago, there is no political experience Trone Pu Hui won the Republican presidential candidate nomination everyone will scoff; during the first half of the year, the Republican Party with trump against Hillary Clinton and political commentators think nothing odds; but now, trump has stepped into the Republican Party convention, and became the presidential candidate. Plus the recent God assists Hilary, so deep in the mail door event, is very passive! Do you say that Trump is not a winner in life?

A vivid story of Trump, let us deeply feel that it is not the patent of grass root counter attack! It had a nouveau riche!

So let's see how Trump has become a winner in life!

Trump in 1946 was born in New York, from dozens of years after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, trump began to establish their own kingdom of real estate and he has now developed a series of the most famous in the world of real estate projects, including Fifth Avenue in New York Trump Tower, Wall Street No. 40, Dubai building, and he's every building has a huge word "trump", allegedly his net worth has been as high as $87 billion.

In the success of the American Society of businessmen often considered capable for trump also on the television show, the apprentice, has served as judges. This program to find a group of job seekers, each set to complete a variety of tasks, by Trump to assess their performance, losers have to be eliminated, the final success of the Trump's executives can become. This program so many young people have a good impression of Trump.

Like Trump himself, his family is full of topics.

His wife Melanie A supermodel in the background, in the Congress with her thick Eastern European accent and expressive speech, the conquest of the presence of the delegates and media. If Trump was elected, Melanie would be the first lady to be born in a foreign country for the first time in two hundred years.

And daughter Ivanka trump, who relish, in her pregnancy 9 months also help trump votes to run the campaign, childhood independent Ivanka in addition to dad when executives, also own the company, design fashion brands, including footwear, clothing, perfume and so on. She also when model commercials, in the United States is full of the pop star.

Trump the topic, exactly is worldly politics for many years the Hillary did not have, coupled with the trump entertainment itself full of individual character, have become trump campaign road plus one.

Trump around the beautiful clouds, he is the winner in life?

Lu Chen (host)

From dissident to verbal attacks to slander each other, which is rare in the history of the United States of America anomalous election year, and he cited the different from the previous years, three points: first, a considerable number of Americans began to question, the strong degree of the American political system, and it was unclear whether the United States can also maintained the status of the only superpower in the world; the second most Americans for candidates from both parties have a negative impression, 64% of them to trump has a negative impression, 54 percent of Hillary Clinton has a negative impression; third, there is a very severe polarization between the two parties. The United States is called "the anthology of American Dream", this year has become a microcosm of American social division.

Hilary is no doubt a winner in life, the husband is the former president, his own officer to the U.S. Secretary of state. But now it seems, Hillary to counterattack and take the hit the dirt, can work for the is to attack trump swing adventitious and no political mind! She said, we absolutely can not put the nuclear weapon button to a person like this!

Trump is to his inherent humor, Hillary's speech criticism, accusing her policy will deepen the crisis, attracted the audience under the audience shouted the Hillary Clinton sent to prison!

Liu Zijun (special commentator):

Trump he's existing policies and in fact Hilary is completely different, he proposed the first United States all over the world. Hillary her policy is completely different, her foreign policy is to interfere in the affairs of the world, also in foreign affairs to take such as Asia Pacific rebalancing, the active intervention of the South China Sea issue, she hope by a smart power to international mediation.

"China card" has become an essential routine in the United States election campaign". For two people who elected it would is more beneficial for China to, the United States Woodrow & middot; Wilson Center for international scholars Kissinger Institute of Sino US relations, director of Dai Bo believes, Clinton's China policies better prediction, she may than Mr Obama a strong point, the basic direction is to deepen and continue to return to the Asia Pacific policy. But many trump is unknown, all people do not know he would not "words and deeds", also don't know, "which" Trone Pu Hui when President. "But if he is a bargaining businessman to do the president, Sino US relations will have a good expectation.

More exciting content, please pay attention to the full program broadcast on the Chinese TV station of Phoenix Satellite TV ten!

Editor: Xiao Dong Chang month

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