The Japanese economy has such as Andouble China recognize counsels for a person or thing gone beyond recall!

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The Japanese economy has such as Andouble China recognize counsels for a person or thing gone beyond recall!

2016-08-02 03:46:19 277 ℃

Three years ago, Abe Shinzo (Abe Shinzo) in the election of Japan's commitment to ambitious: please choose me, I will lead the Japanese economy to take off again, and rebuild the national pride suffered heavy losses. However, after he took office to vigorously implement the Abe economics seems to lose momentum after a short period of effectiveness.

Data show that Japan's November all household spending growth year on year fell 2.9 percent, the worst performance since March, had appeared a few months negative phenomenon, Japan November retail sales of the chain fell sharply 2.5%, the worst since the end of 2010. November retail sales year-on-year fell 1 percent, the biggest decline since March, according to Japan's gross domestic product (GDP) data and 17 released the second quarter of 2015, Japanese real GDP shrank 0.4%, down 1.6%, since the third quarter appeared for the first time negative growth.

China choking off Japan's economy, there is no Chinese people traveled to Japan travel, I believe Andouble Omi can only rely on the help the European Union and the United States to run errands for a living, or the Japanese economy cannot revive. Vertical he Andouble holds more than 20 trillion of the helicopter to spread the money policy, even if Andouble Putin to seek help. But don't forget that Russia is China's largest supplier of crude oil. So Abe recently only pull a face, know the money he that appeals move closer to the false routine exchanges and cooperation in China, at the end of the soppy on behalf of the Japanese claim is willing to China on successfully hosting the G20 summit in Hangzhou to do their own modest force together to avoid the world economic crisis to contribute.

The United States for the old Japanese masters, although obtains the good result in the technology of non conventional gasoline, but production has not a breakthrough, to export at least is nonsense. Known as the United States has been to Japan as "pawn" beck and call, maybe one day America will abandon Che baoshuai, just as I as an old Chinese saying goes: unjust are doomed to destruction, Zi Gu to stay. It will be the future of Japan. Author: sun spot investment exchange WeChat: xrbj028