Chinese overseas, why often candid woman's body? Not too ashamed ah!

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Chinese overseas, why often candid woman's body? Not too ashamed ah!

2016-08-02 03:46:20 372 ℃

A few days ago in Vancouver hanahreum supermarket a 50 year old middle-aged man was arrested because our skirts, in Fairview mall in Toronto and a 40 year old Chinese man suspected was caught with a camera phone, a women's locker.

Toronto police pointed out that the occurrence of Eucalyptus on the 27 day of the month at around 12 pm, the scene is a shop in the mall.

Incident when a woman is in the store's dressing room compartment changing clothes, found a man's foot from dipped into the compartment below the vacancy, the wear socks feet, socks and a cell phone. When the woman was aware of the people in our own locker.

She immediately out of the Bay, adjacent to the Bay and the man confrontation, after leaving the shop, and on the following day alarm.

The suspects will be charged with spying and Video Privacy charges. The defendant was in court in July 29th (Friday).

Another piece of Eucalyptus hanahreum supermarket in Vancouver.

According to Ming Pao reported, July 18, afternoon 4 when the left and right sides, Miss Xu and his family in Vancouver a hanahreum supermarket shopping, father suddenly said some people take the mobile phone company under her skirt. She turned and saw a squat rapist, found to be a complete stranger. Maniac found after the failure, turned and tried to fled the scene by Xufu to catch up, both sides of the struggle, then Xu mother and supermarket staff also rushed to the scene to assist. To prevent the rapist will remove the film.

Miss Xu pointed out that the suspects for a wear glasses, grizzled, appearance gentle middle-aged, height of about one meter eight appearance completely look not to come out will make such behaviour and more difficult to understand why the suspect will be selected in a crowded hanahreum supermarket commits eucalyptus, video also open the flash on the phone.

Schematic diagram of candid camera

Hanahreum supermarket is one of Chinese most love in Canada, there is almost everything you want to buy food in asia. Although the quality of the general, but the price is cheap or Chinese love.

Hanahreum supermarket announced the man as "undesirable", banned him from entering hanahreum all stores.

In the overseas Chinese, please pay attention to your behavior, don't do such a shameful thing. You don't think either, too small a disgrace!

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