China gymnastics team in the Olympic village environment is Rio but the mosquito.

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China gymnastics team in the Olympic village environment is Rio but the mosquito.

2016-08-02 03:46:20 575 ℃

According to Tencent sports July 29th news, the Chinese gymnastics team, a line of 20 people in Brazil local time 28 PM, officially admitted to the Rio Olympic village. The team said the Olympic Village apartment environment can, but because of the lower floors, more mosquitoes. The players had to bring supplies and mosquito control, mosquito war three hundred round".

The Chinese gymnastics team member's apartment is on the 2 floor. It does not appear before the table tennis team in the embarrassing situation, we generally feel satisfied on the environment.

Chinese table tennis team room.

But because the floor is relatively low, more mosquitoes. Witty women's team from the domestic with the nets in the past, the girls in their own small world sleep a good sleep; without nets of male players more difficult, they put the room plastered with mosquito paste, the mosquito repellent incense, the mosquito is no, Xunde enough to choke. The coach is a mosquito battle with a night, the morning up all eyes.

Chinese gymnastics team in the Olympic Village apartment in a bed

From Rio Olympics leaving only a week or so, China's Olympic delegation, media reporters, volunteers and a group of Chinese tourists pour, but for them, security problem is they during the Rio need to keep in mind the number one priority.

Olympic village security personnel

Shi Dongpeng in Rio will be designed to steal. Shi Dongpeng said his public number suspended, because the computer lost".

Before the day, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Chinese Embassy in Brazil to remind Chinese citizens to raise safety awareness, strengthen security and safety in Brazil. Consul General of the Chinese Consulate in Rio de Janeiro Song Yang remind all in Rio and Chinese citizens will soon come to Rio. Its security is the first priority, to Brazil to do as the Romans do, at night to avoid going out action, do not wear too gorgeous, do not carry too much money and expensive equipment, in the road don't toyed with cell phones and digital cameras, also want to pay attention to the personal credit card security problems.

Chinese Olympic delegation in Rio Olympic Village