Chinese aunt yiyanbuge is slapping the duty-free shop waiter, look at these people earn face abroad ""

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Chinese aunt yiyanbuge is slapping the duty-free shop waiter, look at these people earn face abroad ""

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The night of July 28, 44 year old Chinese female tourists Liangqi (transliteration) at the Los Angeles International Airport Tom Bradley International Airlines Xiamen airport duty-free shops suddenly boomed, slapping Chinese saleslady twice, was on the spot to subdue, then airport police will arrest.

He lost his credit card, the duty-free shop staff

According to U.S. media reports, the incident duty-free shop staff 30, broke the news said, at that time duty-free shops for Chinese tourists shopping have preferential activities, as long as shopping to reach $400 yuan, and China at the beginning of the 62 UnionPay card spending can enjoy an additional discount of 20 yuan. Liangqi checkout when together for over $400 enjoy an additional $20 discount. They returned to the to continue to purchase goods, but accidentally lost credit card, although the credit card was finally found, but still angry staff, so the beatings.

Incident duty free shop

The police rushed to the the Chinese tourists to a misdemeanor arrest, then was sent to the city of Los Angeles police guards so assault charges held. Liang Qi's father also because at the airport waiting for her daughter was put out, but failed to board the plane left Losangeles.

Although Liang Qi said the latest news has been released at 30 am local time flight to China. And whether she freak whether because of other disputes, which hit inherently wrong, and experience of arrest will make the trip pleasant wipe dry clean.

According to data released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, as of 2015, the Chinese people have become the strongest overseas purchasing power for three years. Therefore, Chinese tourists has also become many countries competing in hot pursuit of the object, but because of the few tourists can't do civilized travel, even in violation of local laws, not only he was arrested, fined and other punishment, give the image of the country caused negative effects. Foreign Affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) to give you a list of those who do not have fun for example, it is also a reminder oh.

Flight due to heavy snowfall suspension, storm hit Han airport arrested

January 23, 2016 -25, South Korea Cheju Airport due to heavy snowfall weather suspended nearly 1100 flights, of which 1400 people were trapped in the airport terminal.

Chinese passengers to the airline counter throw chairs to vent their anger.

According to the South Korean television tower reported that in January 25th due to the order of the terminal and accommodation arrangements, Jeju to Shanghai flights of Chinese passengers strong protest, and even hit the seat of the case. Airport police dispatched more than and 10 police to eventually calm the situation, 1 Chinese passengers were arrested for the time being.

Although the airport and airlines in response to the passengers stuck in a flaw, but the foreign affairs or that the person is too much to vent anger can not make people understand.

Curiosity is too heavy to feed the fish, ecological damage or fined nearly 2ten thousand

Foreign affairs son (micro channel ID:xjb-waishier) think out in it is inevitable that there will be unpleasant, violent gas will not help matters satisfactorily resolved, but more important is to understand and comply with the local laws and regulations.

In May 26th this year, a man in Thailand China egg Island take food to feed the fish caught. Because in order to ensure the ecological environment of the islands with no further deterioration and local regulations visitors are prohibited from egg island in the unauthorized use food to feed the fish, pick up the coral and.

China tourists on the island to feed the fish egg

Due to ignoring the beach on the warning signs and allowed to feed the fish, the man could face up to a year in prison or not less than 10 million baht ($1.84 million yuan) fine.

It is understood, the perpetrators were brought to the climbing teeth Fu Long Island district police station, pay 10 million baht ($1.84 million yuan) bail, specific penalties need wait for later trials.

Because there is no civilization recorded in the body, to the United States immigration was repatriation

In addition to violation of local laws and regulations will bring their own punishment, was posted on the "uncivilized tourists" record is also a big impact.

In September 16, 2015, a Chinese tourists from Shanghai intended to enter the United States travel, but in Losangeles, the customs officer when the computer was checked on the spot refused entry.

U.S. customs officials found that the person in the European tour left a "uncivilized tourists" records, directly to return to China, 10 years the United States and the United States signed a void.

March 2015, Krabi, Thailand Phi Phi Island Scenic expressly and posted shall sign in the hands and feet, scenic charge also let the tour guide to the tourists to explain local cultural customs in Thailand, to work together to stop similar behavior, in violation of the relevant provisions will be liable to a fine of not more than 1000 baht.

China was shot to the sink and feet.

But before long, there are still a Chinese because tourists fined 1000 baht in violation of regulations.

Occupy to too strong collection of hot spring water, Yellowstone National Park was fined 1000dollar

In June 17th this year, a Chinese tourists in the United States to leave the designated scenic spots in Yellowstone National Park, stepped over rock to pour warm spring water, was fined $1000.

The Yellowstone National Park Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone National Park responded that the reason for the tourists to be severely punished, to a large extent because the hot springs landscape has irreplaceable, its ecological environment can not be destroyed.

Foreign Affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) would like to say, the better remember in my heart, why is it so strong, it is still someone else's country.

In fact, to comply with the rules is also able to travel more secure. In early June, a from American man in the Norris Geyser Basin tour leave scenic view, accidentally in the gravel layer slip and fall into the hot acidic hot springs were killed.

Travel abroad is a happy, these are not happy experience, foreign affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) I wish you a also can not meet.

Reference: Xinhua, Legal Evening News, the people's network

Author: Li Yanting

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