The United States also want to curry favor with oil, Japan was isolated!

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The United States also want to curry favor with oil, Japan was isolated!

2016-08-02 03:47:14 301 ℃

Japan as an island country, the domestic resources scarce, especially crude oil is totally dependent on imports, and we can also be found, has been Japan are dependent in the United States, amounts to a puppet of the United States, in now a period of low oil prices, according to the common sense said, Japan should be like a duck to water, benefit a lot, but today's Japan is in dire straits, low oil prices today, several oil exporting countries refused to sell oil to Japan, and really funny!

Earlier, Japan's crude oil imports mainly rely on Iran, russia. But in its boss, U.S. sanctions against Iran and Russia when, Japan to curry favor with the U.S., on sanctions against Iran also strenuous many of the mind, so in Iran by lifting restrictions on is not only the oil and natural gas of oil prices and oil exports to China without limit, even before Japan cooperation is forced from the hands of the Japanese recapture gave China, 55% of the shares directly to to the hands of China and Iran's decision to make Japan the entire national economy will once again a shadow. Russia needless to say, has been subjected to sanctions from the United States and other western countries, oil prices in the doldrums, China is the best choice.

With the loss of these two countries, Japan has begun to look to Saudi Arabia, after the failure of the Saudi Arabia and China, Japan began a visit to Saudi arabia. There are people who are willing to buy, of course, Saudi Arabia have no opinion, so it will be turned to the Japanese market in Saudi arabia. For Saudi Arabia, Japan is the world's third largest oil consumer, after the United States and China, Japan's oil demand mainly depends on imports, is the world's third largest oil importing country. Originally, Japan can rely on Saudi Arabia, or the United States, to ensure that their daily basic oil consumption. But a prolonged slump in oil prices also makes the Saudi Arabia, the United States is not good. Japan also because of excessive oil prices down, and Saudi part company each going his own way. Its only the United States can rely on the boss. And the recent U.S. practice, it is not difficult to see that Japan has been abandoned sooner or later! A country without its own independence, only to know the country dependent on others, the fate of the!

China as the country's first crude oil imports, but also a major oil consuming countries, now the balance of oil pricing seems to be tilted to china. China's status, in fact, is not difficult to predict, it is China's long term layout early, and investment is also the case, the pattern of thinking! Mentality decision outlet, like playing chess, the overall plan, seeking trend, not a child oriented, to win the chess as the goal, low is to fight for every inch of land, only a temporary results frequently trapped. Trends, we must have a long-term vision, investment, we must have a long-term planning, and layout skills is the key to success. Recently frequent geopolitical disputes, investment is undoubtedly a good opportunity for long-term investment projects open, we can grasp! Investment exchange guide WeChat: 2104896842