Buffett Trump this afternoon, big trouble!

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Buffett Trump this afternoon, big trouble!

2016-08-03 04:23:54 265 ℃

Middle school politics textbooks have told us, the United States election in the final analysis, is a game of money and power.

In this game, who is behind the gold master more hard, who hit the money, the more likely to win in the battle of the donkey.

Compared with his rival Hillary Clinton, although the body for the real estate tycoon Donald Trump "not bad money", but it is to see to whom, such as total assets left him a few blocks of the "Oracle of Omaha", Warren Buffett (Pujing Sichuan assets to $45 billion, Buffett $633 billion). Today's world ranking third trench. "

This allows candidates for breaking gold head to advocate, but see Trump not pleasing to the eye.

This week, the 86 year old Buffett not only in his stronghold "Omaha" for Hillary open platform and firepower "shelling" trump, said he "absolutely no shame!"

Of course, as a generation of Warren, cling to old Mr. arrow without false hair, hair in Trump's weakness: "as a presidential candidate, why don't you open tax declaration form? You say you in the audit, I also in the audit, ah, how can I get it."

The old man even directly under the war post: we want a public tax declaration form, time, place, you are looking at.

Do you dare to ask?

I do not know why, when my mind suddenly appeared Sun Wukong holding the bottle call Gold King picture.

Words come back, Trump students seem to be a little". Except for in the Muslim army of sacrifice "insulting" been criticized, in terms of campaign funds, Buffett, a lot of "Wall Street chiefs" doesn't seem like it.

Last weekend, the Dallas Mavericks boss, billionaire Cuban Mark announced support for Hilary, but has been in social media, "tireless" to attack Trump.

And Apple CEO cook is also planning on August 24, help Hillary Clinton held a fund-raising activities after Apple employees to the Republican and Democratic campaign committee are donated, but donations to the Democratic contenders to much higher than the Republicans.

And as Wall Street's "pocketbook", mainly hedge fund managers so far in terms of political contributions opened the "check" has more than twice as much as the next presidential election in the same period,, which most donations flow to the Clinton campaign hands.

In accordance with common sense, real estate Trump itself is a financial person, should be more to Buffett who like is, and that now this kind of "abnormal" phenomenon of how to explain?

China's famous poet Bai Juyi had given the answer: had gone.

Wall Street businesses already playing the abacus, the most fundamental is still a "benefit".

On the one hand, as a billionaire, trump said self pocket sponsored campaign; on the other hand trump, he advocated reforming the financial regulatory system, blocking can make some hedge fund managers are less tax loopholes in the system.

In addition, according to Trump's acting style, the financial sector is also worried that Trump's economic and fiscal policy stance is not clear, elected president will bring uncertainty, affect the stability of the financial sector, the operation of the atmosphere.

Also according to one of the three major credit rating agencies, Moody's released on Sunday, an analysis report, if Hillary Clinton declared that all policies are intact and become law, then to the term end, "real GDP will expand 1.7%", jobs will be more 320 million.

In Moody's in June announced another for trump economic policy report, said if the real estate tycoons all policies have been adopted, then the economy will fall into a "protracted recession, jobs will be reduced to 350 million.

The latest CNN/ORC poll showed that Hilary's current support rate of 52%, leading Trump 9 percentage points, the highest since the beginning of the month since the highest support rate.

In the afternoon, Mr. Pakistan this is the real thing, even behind the "trump card". It is necessary to know the Nebraska where he is one of the only two congressional districts (another Maine), which means that even if the candidates do not have access to state of the majority of people support, as long as the win in various districts of the house of Representatives, can still get a vote. Although the state has always been a Republican ticket bunker, but the two major parties in the largest city in the state, Mr. Buffett's home near Omaha area support is matched.

It seems that Buffett this anger, the consequences are very serious ah!