India gas have a toothache! China songba a kill! Islamic world's only big mushroom!

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India gas have a toothache! China songba a kill! Islamic world's only big mushroom!

2016-08-03 04:25:18 361 ℃

Generally speaking, the United States and Israel are absolutely not allowed to have nuclear weapons in the Islamic world. However, there are exceptions to everything, as China's iron man, Pakistan is the fact that countries with nuclear weapons.

According to the statistics of world nuclear arsenals, Pakistan to have nuclear weapons inventory of nearly 120 nuclear warheads, India ranked 100 warheads nuclear arsenal, we is difficult to imagine a very poor weak to have so many nuclear weapons, of course, in addition to we have in China.

Pakistan's nuclear weapons, the father of Abdul Kadir Hans Dr. said thank China in nuclear weapons to help a lot of bar iron, "there is no doubt that, if there is no Chinese support in terms of technology and components, Pakistan is still very difficult to quickly in nuclear weapons made a major breakthrough." Because at that time India has been the first to complete the first nuclear test and in the war between India and Pakistan, Pakistan almost suffered a crushing defeat, the Chinese artillery and aircraft nuclear technology pull bar iron brothers.

In the 1970s, China a total of Pakistan provides assistance for the different stages in the development of nuclear nuclear equipment and related missile, including professional technology of centrifuge, missile warhead technology, highly enriched uranium, missile system and so on. If there is no such technology, the speed of the development of India's nuclear weapons, Pakistan's brother is almost impossible, which is why China and Pakistan become a key factor in the iron man.

Of course, after the Pakistan to become a rising India's main rival, China's southwestern border finally from the Indian "y'all" type of harassment. The most important is China had to pay one of the Islamic world "buddies", it is in Pakistan's deal, China can in the Muslim Middle East, the Indian Ocean region can "eat".

Small series, China go Pakistan this move is very wonderful!

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