The Japanese economy ", its" downhearted "China one disaster after another?

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The Japanese economy ", its" downhearted "China one disaster after another?

2016-08-03 04:26:34 361 ℃

In Japan, when Japan is on the wane, Abe called economics to boost Japan's economy, save Japan's economy has been weak and helpless, so as to make the world are not optimistic about Abe economics are agreed that Abe economics is failure of the move.

Tens of thousands of Chinese people, but the influx of Japan, went to Japan Tourism and seems like crazy to buying a large number of Japanese products back to the domestic, nearly Liangsanlai Chinese tourists every year in the Japanese consumer trillion yuan, effectively pulling the Japanese economy, Chinese people's selfless dedication virtually become to save the main force of the economics of Japan Shinzo Abe is Chinese tourists generosity of lofty crazy purchase of Japanese goods, powerfully boost, pulling the Japanese economy change for the better. Is the Chinese people in promoting the success of Andouble economics. And China's domestic economy has been increasingly declining decline.

Behind the explosion is particularly prominent in the Japanese toilet cover, thousands of miles to the toilet seat. With the explosion to buy emotional intensity, large to run on the road, small to the toilet is not an ordinary toilet lid, people fed the Japanese vendors. The results of the news broke, the so-called Japanese toilet cover is made, and even more goods are made in china. The national instant discouraged, all the way to buy exotic was made in china. With the continuous improvement of domestic products, more and more people choose the domestic. But Japan economy weak to want to return to the position of the second largest economy is almost unlikely, because want to surpass China is unlikely to the. With the large decline in exports of trade, industrial enterprises have been closed down and was acquired. In short, Japan's "buy explosion" effect after cooling, will be a mess and desolate.

However, Chen Yi believes that this is always a palliative approach. To know that the main source of the Japanese economy is the Chinese market, the Japanese economy to revive the Japanese economy is definitely not the one or two policy can be done. Lose the Chinese market the backbone, the appearance of the Japanese economy even more strong, but is also a stand up giant, not to mention, now Japan's economy has long been ill. The Chinese government sharply raised tariffs on Japan, so that Japan lost the Chinese "explosion to buy" this agent life-saving medicine, so Chen Yi believes that the economics of the economy may not be true soon. In the end how, you can tell me to wait and see!

China, as the first import country, is also a big consumer country, now the balance of economic power seems to be tilted to china. China's status, in fact, is not difficult to predict, it is China's long term layout early, and investment is also the case, the pattern of thinking! Mentality decision outlet, like playing chess, the overall plan, seeking trend, not a child oriented, to win the chess as the goal, low is to fight for every inch of land, only a temporary results frequently trapped. Investment exchange guide WeChat: rczj666