The Swedish people lack of interest in sex?! The government is anxious, to the possession of this thing!

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The Swedish people lack of interest in sex?! The government is anxious, to the possession of this thing!

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Sex life in Sweden is declining? The Swedish government has expressed concern about the country's intention to conduct a three year survey of the country's sex life to see if the real situation is true, as the tabloid said.

In this regard, the Foreign Affairs (WeChat ID:xjb-waishier) is really ten face at a loss, can not understand.

Nordic sweden!


Just a municipal park.

Man liang!

Swedish girls in the parade.

Good benefits!

Sweden's father and mother can share 480 days of paid maternity leave.

You have what not happy things!

Moreover, the whole world knows that the national concept of Sweden has always been open to the ah!

The tabloid survey said the Swedish national "not to mention the sexual behavior"

Sweden last year to carry out the national "sexual habits" survey, or 20 years ago, the Swedish health minister Verkest Ram said, it is time to do a new survey.

Wikstr in Swedish media the author said that the Swedish government will launch for a period of three years of civic life survey, to understand whether the real situation such as the Swedish tabloid survey says, as well as behind what is the cause.

Eklund, a staff member of the Swedish health minister's office, said,The investigation by the minister was made by the local tabloid Aftonbladet in 2013, and the survey visited about 3000 people and found that the Swedish national "did not raise the sexual behavior."".As a country with an open mind, this is indeed a problem.

Foreign Affairs (micro channel ID:xjb-waishier) in the spots a gossip, the Minister of health Wijkstrom is a typical Swedish guy.

Health minister Wijkstrom, Yan value is very high.

Wikstr, 31 years old, two years ago, the newly appointed Swedish health minister when, due to a friends of Turkey to the photos uploaded to the social networking site "Twitter", triggering Western friends sought and obtained the title of "handsome minister". In the face of the sudden fame, Vic Armstrong, Tim deliberately kept a low profile, he refused to talk about your feelings, only admitted to having a child.

Return to the topic of Kazakhstan, Wikstr pushing this investigation will be by the Swedish Ministry of public health practice, it is expected that the final report will be released in June 2019.

The handsome man minister regards it as a political issue "

Health minister Verkest Ram said that the phenomenon has been referred to the phenomenon of whether or not because of the impact of the pressure or health problems, it is worth attention, the same, this is a political issue".

"The investigation is not rigorous enough to be used as a basis for government policy," said the Egyptian clone, but "it points to the direction of the government."

Another article published in the government website, the Swedish health minister Verkest Ram pointed out that performance greatly affect people's health, so we can't just focus on sexually transmitted diseases, should also pay attention to the positive, to meet the physical desire.

What kind of sexual health policy, it is worth looking forward to it?

Swedish health minister Wijkstrom said that the development of sexual health policy will not only be based on the existing problems, but also consider the fun brought to people.

Temptation full of advertising.

Vickers said that now is really contradictory, the community is full of all kinds of elements, whether advertising or social media, but when talking about sex, people still ashamed to open...... Lack of political discussion.

He also believes that people are always concerned about such as sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and rape and other issues, the positive experience of the exclusion of the outside, but also distort the public health policy.

"How can we change attitudes," he asked, "when so many people, including parents, teachers, government officials, are so uncomfortable with talking about sex?"

Sweden is worthy of high welfare state, the government is so concerned about people's "sex" is worthy of praise. In fact, there are a lot of love to worry about the government, eager to focus on some of the small things, such as weight loss, etc..

The British government is also concerned about the loveTrying to "force" people to lose weight

In 2015, when he was British Prime Minister Cameron said that if obese people refused to accept weight loss treatment, the future may not be able to receive the authorities issued subsidies.

According to Cameron's statement, this new policy is intended to encourage obese people to actively seek help, change unhealthy lifestyle, so as to achieve a sense of life".

British "Daily Mail" said that nearly 100 thousand people in the UK because of obesity, drug abuse or alcohol and receive government subsidies, the average per person per week can receive about 100 pounds (about 154 U.S. dollars)

However, Cameron's kindness was granted too wide, blind to worry about.

Reference: BBC, The Associated Press, the official website of the Swedish Ministry of health

Author: Li Yanting

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