The world's richest 6 countries, accounting for 50%GDP of the world, is only accepted by the 10%

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The world's richest 6 countries, accounting for 50%GDP of the world, is only accepted by the 10%

2016-08-03 04:27:09 285 ℃

Last week, the international situation experienced the ups and downs of a week, President (ID:topnews-9) everyday people investment express when, will in the international news headlines to find a terrorist attack related news, and this piece of terrorist attacks not unexpectedly and such a word can not escape the relationship, that is "refugees".

So many people displaced by natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, refugees. For international responsibility and humanitarian, many developed countries lend a helping hand, to accept, to place the refugees.

Among them, many people believe that the country should be based on different levels of affluence, different degrees of resettlement of refugees. More affluent countries, should assume more international responsibility, the burden of more international refugees. In Europe, as the most important of the refugees, it is the principle of the resettlement of refugees.

So, is the refugee resettlement really going to be carried out as we think? Does every economic power really put enough refugees in its own right?

More than you and the president in these curious, Oxford Famine Relief Committee (Oxfam, referred to as "Oxfam") would also like to find out, they released the a copy of the survey report, data tell you the rich and the poor in the refugee problem did how many.

First, the most awesome refugees in poor countries, rich power Co.

According to the survey, 6 of the world's richest countries, creating a global GDP of half of the total value, but only accepted the world 1/10 of the refugees.

According to the United Nations data, there are currently more than sixty-five million of the habitat has no fixed, of which about twenty million of the refugees. But the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the resettlement of refugees only about two million and one hundred thousand people. The heavy burden of the refugees, mostly on the relatively poor countries.

Look carefully, Germany has the largest number of refugees, the United States and France followed. China, Britain, Japan and the three countries are relatively few.

Most of the six countries and regions, which are refugees, are Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and South Africa. These countries set up half of the world's refugees, their GDP is only 1.9% of the world's GDP.

Two, cultural exclusion + terrorist attacks, it is easy to say it is difficult to do the refugee resettlement

To see the results of this survey, Oxfam appeal to the rich, the international refugee resettlement although unprecedented and complex challenges, but rich countries had need to be part of the solution, fair by weight bear refugees responsibility, welcome and protect more refugees.

Even so, but the two factors lie in front of the refugee problem, makes it easy to say, hard to do. The cultural specificity and frequent refugee related terrorist attacks are difficult to cross.

Even if the current trend of globalization is hard to block, but there is still a certain kind of culture in the exclusive, how to allow local residents to accept the refugees, how to allow the refugees into the local culture, are difficult challenges. Before the news reports, British relocated to the island of refugees is difficult to integrate into local life, think the British Isles life too boring, poverty, unexpectedly say not as good as the placement of life before.

Even more so that the resettlement of the country, is frequent terrorist incidents. Since this year, from the United States Orlando maximum shooting, to nice, France terrorist attack, Rouen Cathedral terrorist attack, bomb attacks in the Bavarian railway axe wounding attacks, Ansbach Music Festival near the restaurant, everywhere in the terrorist attacks, less factors of religion, not refugees mischief.

Naturally, the placement of the people in the country to fear the refugees, whether the admission of refugees in their hearts, to put a big question mark.

Three, hope, placement and struggle in parallel

But the president had to say, although the placement of refugees hidden clumps, but refugees should not because of their origin, countries, poverty status and bear the sin.

To a certain extent, they are also victims of terrorist attacks, as well as victims of cultural exclusion.

In their desperation, a rich countries to lend a helping hand perhaps negligible, but it can change a person, a family life.

Not only is the need to increase aid for the country to place, the power of assistance, refugees themselves also need to harbor hope, to fight for their own destiny.

In the president (ID:topnews-9) wrote this article, a refugee related news.

The Rio Olympics opening soon, the Olympic Games will there will be from 207 countries and regions of the teams participating in the competition, which composed of a origin from South Sudan, Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, 10, 000 refugees without borders on behalf of the team is undoubtedly the most special. Opening ceremony of the day, they will hold high the banner of the Olympic rings, the host of Brazil, the last second appearances. This will be the first team in the history of the Olympic Games.

Even if the displaced, do not give up hopes and dreams, participation in the Olympic Games of action, hope can to war-torn African refugees to bring peace, to hope, to a whole new world.

Refugee problem is a problem that all the countries in the world and the refugees themselves have to work together. More importantly, the faith ever to Nirvana rebirth.

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