The world's only new space station has not started a big country to grab tickets, there is a country want to buy

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The world's only new space station has not started a big country to grab tickets, there is a country want to buy

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According to a report in the July 28, Japan's Kyodo News said that China has confirmed that will open their "Tiangong 3" manned space station to the United Nations, to provide manned space experimental opportunities for the vast number of developing countries.And China to submit proposals is a division UN outer space affairs jointly affiliated specially formulated between members of cooperation in space group of experts, just to provide advisory services, and shall not be entitled to decided who can have the opportunity to aboard the space station. Therefore, the Japanese media believes that the move is in foreign selling their space station tickets, and tickets for this buying list, now has the Russia, the United States, and even Europe and Pakistan except Japan.

In fact, as early as June, China submitted the relevant text, but it is not interesting. But the news is still the first to dig out the japanese. Why is the Japanese so concerned about China's manned space station? Space station as the use of space important nodes, who can master who might be able to take the lead in the next generation of new material applications and manufacturing. In an almost weightless conditions production CPU core wafer material success rate is extremely high and loss rate is very low. As for the production of optical fiber can be almost unlimited length without worry about the influence of gravity, there are many new materials application. Therefore, China's first space walk from the outside of the Shenzhou spacecraft to retrieve a space material test box, the main test is the space has always been the feasibility of the production of material products. Since it has so many advantages, natural who want to to space to try his skill, but very regrettable thing, now only in the United States and Russia astronaut can resident of the international space station, other countries basic proportion of capital contribution in accordance with the launch distribution, which the first six in the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan's major manufacturing the international space station "hope," experimental class - equivalent to bear the international space station 15% share of manufacturing. So it also allows Japan to participate in this international project, has accumulated a certain experience in space.

But the international space station, after all, has entered the "after the space station era", despite the continued life extension, and even the United States and Japan plans to prolong life to 2028, but the monster in the sky every day experiencing the hot sun baked and near absolute zero "Binghuoliangzhongtian" test, structural materials even appeared off and torn.The United States plans to put the international space station on the high track in one breath after 2024 to become an unmanned space satellite.After all, to maintain the international space station every year to spend about 3 billion 500 million dollars, for countries now come up with this money is not easy, it also makes the future of the international space station full of worries.

  • By 2025, the world's available space station may be left China made, so have to pay close attention to the:

So to see the manned space station in 2025 the world also can use the left Chinese "heaven". So when a Chinese announced their own "heaven" manned space station project, it caused multinational concern. Despite the current China Temple II "manned laboratory has yet to launch, many core experiments but also in 2016 and 2017 to practice fully verified can really applied to" Tiangong 3 ". Such as core module 6 gas cartridge slot connection system, and up to tens of meters of the mechanical arm, and the entire space station cabin activity system and so on, are needed in the temple II validation and testing. But because of Chinese space a good reputation, "Tiangong three" before God has attracted multinational to cooperate. After all, "Tiangong three" is the world so far, only put on the desk for the construction of the new space station.

The first to cooperate in fact is the European Space Agency, European Space Agency Director John Dietrich, Werner has invited China to participate in the international space station project and future aerospace cooperation expansion further communication. In fact, as early as 2014, the European space agency wants to cooperate with China in the field of manned space.The next nature is Russia, Russia in 2015 expressed the hope that it will be able to participate in China's manned space program in the will, and the Sino Russian space cooperation has a long history, there is no problem.There is the United States, although the United States strongly opposed to Europe and China in the field of manned spaceflight to cooperate, but NASA is indeed one of western countries to space cooperation with China most closely, even when the Chinese spacecraft launch, the first sent a congratulatory message. So to speak, although China's "Tiangong 3" likely to 2022 or so to build, but between each big aviation big country, has begun to "tickets" for the Chinese space station began buying up to, after all, who also don't want to fall behind in the manned space test.Of course, this is also China's international cooperation, the first batch of foreign astronauts may have a relationship with China Pakistan iron;Pakistan's president even directly asked the Chinese to train 1 to 2 astronauts, the Chinese side has promised.

  • Japan is in an awkward position, even if the Japanese want to buy tickets also can not find the ground:

However, the Japanese aerospace is now in an awkward position,Due to the long-term cooperation with China Aerospace Limited to the international meeting to say hello, has never been in-depth cooperation.So Japan's space and aerospace in China without any high-level contacts, not to mention Japan offered to participate in China's "Temple" space station operation in the, no channels. Of course there is a way, through the above mentioned in the joint foreign layer Space Affairs Division to China issued an application. But people established is Chien Ming Wang developing countries the development of the aerospace industry, Japan is not the developing countries, and some can not forget, Japan is now to refused to pay contributions to the United Nations, the outer space affairs department is to rely on the dues to live of place, so Japan may through this apply to? Japan is now want to buy tickets, the root can not find no way to buy. Japan also wanted to develop its own manned spacecraft program, but now also completely abandoned. By 2025, unless the Japanese at their own expense to take the commercial space, or the cause of the manned space may have to give up on this. But even if you take a commercial spacecraft, it is also to docking with the space station, docking China space station is up? Or not go up?

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