This election, the leaders of the founding of the United States Air live!

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This election, the leaders of the founding of the United States Air live!

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In July 28th, the last day of the Democratic National Convention, Hilllary Clinton, a light white suit to accept the Democratic nomination, it seems that her usual dress style. Trapped in the "mail door" scandal, she might be expected to convey her innocence and innocence. However, Wikileaks continued exposure of a copy of the e-mail and phone records show that the mail door is not a chance of this election, nor an accident in the United States democracy. The characteristics of electoral politics, the evolution of American democracy, and the nature of money control, have determined that this is an inevitable event.


In an atmosphere of depression, the U.S. Democratic National Congress recently ended. The meeting referred to the "Hilary" three words, Taiwan was booed. Although the Democratic Party wants to try to show solidarity, but can not swing to the 2 version of the mail door scandal haze. The Republican candidate Trump's Democratic convention opened said, "too". This is just the fifty step laughing. Prior to the end of the Republican National Convention has in the din of the split show terrible of the American electoral politics, was fond of the "message" to the Democratic convention further show "not the worst, only worse."

The presidential election is undoubtedly in American political life event, has long been tree for global democracy "model", also formed the special election culture, that is "not free, or death," the concept of democracy and culture. Especially for the occasion of independence in eighteenth Century, the value of this free and democratic view was that the United States founder's highest aspirations.

However, in America history, I'm afraid no one year's presidential election this year will be the same as the treacherous and lively. "Mail" timely detonated, burst open the door, so that people can be through the appearance, see American democracy Yingyinggougou. It is found that candidates for the purpose of the use of a variety of naked, malicious and even indecent means, including the use of hackers to steal confidential documents, the poor can come to beat the opponent. "Mail", Hillary Clinton's campaign team collaborated with top Democrats, the default party candidate, runs with the campaigns of Democrats Sanders, Republican presidential candidate trump to discredit, involved in money laundering, manipulation of the media, a lot of news release is after Hillary I read: the, a large number of "Navy" to help her.

As a Republican candidate, Trump put the "liar" title gave his rival Hilary, but he also has the same. Trump does not understand the foreign and domestic affairs, but he was well versed in the election of the surgery, know how to defeat an opponent exercise of power. In the duel with Cruz, Trump first claimed that Cruz is a liar, unknown nationality, and then broke the news that Cruz has five mistress, and his model wife and Cruz portrait of the model. Finally, Cruz had to leave.

A hundred years ago, the American novelist Mark Twin reveals the ugly American democratic politics. Today, the carnival still repeats itself. But at that time only the United States newspaper, now candidate available hacker attack each other mailbox, available social media sporadic opponent "scandal", for even without fear of fraud. Beat the opponent, no moral cost, has become a golden laws and precious rules of electoral politics.

False competition and shortage of cavity board elections, but is a side of American politics all ills bushes, even the lucky few candidates ended up landing on the presidency, he will not be to lead the United States of the former walker, at best, but is responsible for balancing the interests of all parties "President", elected by the various interest groups is a spokesman, for their own interests to maximize the service. Also no wonder this popped out of the A to kill the rich poor trump, would cause panic in the Wall Street bigwigs, tried a way to block these do not represent the interests of their candidates.

From this sense, the United States election, a "mail" a surprising. On the contrary, there is no such a strange thing, down to the people feel incredible.

(the author is director of the Institute of American Studies at the China Institute of International Studies<1Two3>


Wang Xuedong: American democracy to rest on our laurels

Presidential election is the founding leaders set up the national system, these leaders mostly advocated political elitism. This can be seen from the Federalist Papers. Even Jefferson, the third president of the state power, is an elite. Their philosophy is: the political trend and the future should be the ability to highlight, responsible for the people, the moral Noble Group to design. Needless to say, including the presidential election, a set of American democratic procedure, is of epoch-making significance in the historical stage.

In order to prevent future elections to slide to the political disaster, the founding leaders specially formulated the president the indirect election system, electoral votes to put an end to political performance doctrine of power. But America's founding leaders did not think of is, of course, can not think, the rapid development of the world, technique change brings many problems. Today's U.S. presidential election has become a political show, the political elite trying to perform in front of the mass media, the founding leaders conceived of enlightening the people to lead the future, was deliberately criticism, framed replaced. Under this tendency, the Americans sword Zoupian front, bogged down in details and praise from politicians bicker, commitment, but just ignore the intention of democratic politics.

Can become the United States presidential candidate's elite, is a top person. But under the modern significance of American democracy, these "characters" as was brought to fetter, pluck the feathers of the eagles, examine the voters, judgment their standards, not can fly through the sky, but attention in muscle is solid, feathers are enough pure. The question is, what is the difference from the eagle feathers to KFC chicken, I'm afraid the only difference is the mouth. In fact, the United States presidential election is basically dazuizhang. Western election eventually evolved or reduced to expose the criticism of political candidates. As a consequence, no matter who is elected president or become leaders, basically are gray, yanmianjinshi. It is conceivable that regardless of the final is Hillary or Trump came to power, they will be sick posts, there is no authority whatsoever.

No alternative to flowers, deja vu. Including the presidential election, American style democracy, not only can not comply with the development of the times, leading the trend of the world, but from the political elitism as the core slid into the so-called "populist", and even political performance doctrine, to curry favor with the doctrine. "Mail door" burst, is the inevitable outcome of this political logic, the election does not appear, the next will appear, this is the form, the next may also change the form, but the essence will not change. It also shows that the actual situation of American democracy has seriously deviated from the principle of democracy. Democracy is the emphasis on fairness, if the election is full of such "operations", such a democracy can also represent fair?

Everything is constantly evolving, the new. If American style democracy is laurels, inadvertently also unable to update, it will become what is backward and prospects.

(the author is vice president of the International Institute of Zhongshan University)<12Three>


Ding Yifan: the legalization of money politics

The "mail" exposure of the Democratic bigwigs tricks in the presidential election in the United States, manipulation of the inner-party electoral procedures, which also relates to the Clinton Foundation of black box operation.

In fact, in 2015 the United States has a best-selling book, entitled "Clinton's cash" live at the Clinton foundation. Author Peter Schlveitzer is a depth investigation reporter, the United States Government Responsibility Research Institute, one of the founders. He pointed out that Bill Clinton's administration, because of the scandal ridden, lawsuit spent a lot of money and finally left almost depleted. But soon, from 2001 to 2012, Clinton's property has increased to $136 million 500 thousand. In addition to this inside Clinton lectures, worth a lot of money, to a large extent related to foreign donors Clinton fund.

WikiLeaks revealed, the Clinton Foundation will participate in some commercial bribery activities, help some companies in foreign open education company, the company will be reciprocated, gave Clinton a honorary directorship, the easy to get an annual salary of $16.5 million, to Clinton fund will be regular donations tens of millions of dollars. At the same time, the United States government agency for international development of many donations, has also been shown to be involved in the Clinton foundation. As secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not evade the elbow to in turn, by way of "legitimate" approved the government the money taken out and placed into their own pockets.

And some American companies have foreign resources overseas, but the deal requires us government approval. Hilary, as secretary of state, also contributed to the approval of many of the projects. Therefore, the WikiLeaks material description, Hilary exchange some messages can only be used in private mail and not with the State Council's official mailbox, probably is worried that will be found in the mystery of the mail.

In fact, American politicians use relationship between power and money, so take things are not uncommon. But the Clinton foundation money everywhere so quickly, in America's recent history has seen. Of course, this kind of thing is not only the Democratic party. Shiwei Ze pointed out that both parties in Congress are members of "extortion" businessmen and business groups. And money flowing into politics is also being used to "buy off" certain political positions. For example, members of Congress to get some special committee position, must give the party. Politicians put these transactions as investment, because of the importance of the position of the Committee and approval of certain project can from the enterprise or the merchants there blackmail to more money, so intersection cost to the organization of the party also in reason.

These facts suggest that the American electoral politics is a kind of system, the structural corruption, is through the black box operation is put on the legitimacy of the money buying and selling. Political scientists in the United States have been selling the idea that there is only a multi-party (two party) system to prevent corruption, because there is a system of opposition to the ruling party. However, this paradoxical view can not stand the test of reality and history. "Spoils" system in the history of the United States of America and whether, in recent years despite the Republican Party and the democratic party disputes with each other, government and Congress belong to different parties, the two sides each sticks to his argument, but corruption still constantly. "Mail" exposed the Clinton Foundation wealth between method and foreign and American politicians money shows, multi-party system and punish corruption is no relationship, western "democracy" and electoral politics are just money politics of synonyms.

Money politics gave birth to the "mail door", it is unfortunate, and in turn, by the "mail door" accidentally through the end. Although this is not a new thing, but, mail door or let people to further see the U.S. political and money politics of the relationship between the.

(the writer is a professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University Yiyang)

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